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I suggest you look kinolyapy a famous movie about time travel.

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"Back to the Future", Part 1

Dilute mess

Marty twisted amplifier at maximum, and includes a huge speaker that explodes, throws the young musician to the wall. There is a large shelf with stuff. It falls directly on the hero, pulling his head. In the two adjacent frames all this stuff completely changes its appearance - there is some kind of a sheet of paper, which was not the beginning, and so on. And the hero's feet are different.

Wheels chameleon

But this is a real mystic. Marty arrives on a skateboard in the parking lot at the supermarket "Two pine" and stops next to Doc's dog named Einstein. On two adjacent frames skateboard wheels change color from yellow to pink, and the position of objects are absolutely identical and apparently filmed by one and the same double. One can only assume that the wheels are "embellishing" with the help of special effects ... But why ?!

Clock change design

Dog Einstein - the world's first time traveler. Around his neck - digital clock with which Doc prove that his time machine really works. But the thing: on the neck dog sitting in a time machine - a clock with conventional liquid crystal display without backlight (which is perfectly visible) and when Doc compares the readings of his watch with the clock Einstein on the dial - a bright glowing red numbers.

Odometer chudit

Furious Libyans who Doc stole plutonium pursue Marty, trying to hide from them behind the wheel of "De Lorean". Take a look at the odometer on the dashboard. These frames are shared by about three seconds. Quite different readings run - that common that daily.

Re-election of Mayor

Marty enters the first time in 1955. In the streets of Hill Valley propaganda car rides, persistently offering citizens reelected incumbent mayor Reda Thomas. The two frames he's pretty much changes its form panels on the roof rotated 90 degrees, rear horn disappears. Well, a very conspicuous gaffe.

Overlooked for advertising

Marty sitting in a cafe next to his father, who is the same age as him. Well seen a strange thing: in the neighboring frames is reversed advertising, standing on a table in front of the characters. There's a completely different picture.

Where was hair?

Marty in whatever was necessary to convince his father to invite the mother of Marty for a date - because if they are not married, the poor man can not be born. And now it is to his father in the image of Darth Vader, a formidable hair dryer, tucked in his belt. Literally in the next frame the hair somewhere disappears, and a second - reappears.

Confusion with mirror

Biff friends fiercely pursues Marty, who runs away from them on a makeshift skateboard. You can clearly see that the main mirror in the "Ford" Biff not. For a few moments - and it appears out of nowhere! To disappear again a second later ...

"Back to the Future", part 2

The equipment in the frame

Biff pursues with friends Marty, and is not intended, flies directly in the glass case of the building on the square. But what is it reflected in the facade? This cross, which had been suspended stunt.

Galloping sun

Griff Marty taught a good lesson to other, jumping into the water with a flying board. He gets out of the water jacket includes a "drying" mode, and a second later, Marty completely dry. The facade of the building in the background - in the shadows, her hair tousled Marty. Next frame: the facade is brightly lit by the sun, his hair combed. The scenes actually seem to share a few hours.

Oddities with photos

Jennifer wakes up, still not knowing that she fell into the future. Suddenly she sees a wedding picture. She grabs her, then pointedly drops to the floor. A minute later the picture again at a standstill, but the most important thing - for some reason it ... turned upside down inside the box!

Treacherous reflection

Doc and Marty arrived in 55 minutes to steal the almanac from Biff. Doc opened the suitcase in which a plastic dollars of different times. But what is reflected in the plastic? Tripod shooting light ...

Secret becomes clear

Doc and Marty on the flying "De Loreane" Biff chase, riding in a "Ford" on the highway. "De Lorean" is reduced, and flies after the "Ford" on the most expensive. Marty gets out and hovers above the asphalt on antigravity board. At this very moment the shot treacherous climbs is not nothing but a wheel truck, which goes "floating" time machine.

Treacherous reflection of 2-

The scene in the tunnel. Biff driving his "Ford" is preparing to pursue Marty, fleeing from his soaring "skateboard". Finally, Biff pushes on the gas. The wildly of wheels affects the crew.

"Back to the Future", part 3

Confusion with shadows

The shadows in the picture are in disarray. Obviously, when scenes were shot during a single sunny day, the position of the sun is simply nobody watched. As a result, staff coming directly to each other, apparently shared by a few hours! Marty goes out, dressed "like a cowboy", while Doc is standing at the De Lorean. Between takes, it took about four hours.

The appalling confusion with shadows

Same story ... These shots in the film shared just a few seconds. Meanwhile, the shadow of the building managed to close half of the car!

Confusion continues

Marti is about to go into the future. It is clearly seen that the De Lorean - completely in the shadow of the building. But Marty travels to the starting position. De Lorean is brightly lit by the sun. Instant jump of the evening on the day and back ten times in a row during one scene ...


Marty moved to the 19th century and facing nose to nose with the galloping horses Indians. Well it is clear that the riders instantly overtake De Lorean, and some almost overtake him. Nonetheless, when Marty awkward turns and starts to their heels before the Indians still good hundred meters!

Manure strangeness

Marty goes through the streets of Hill Valley, and stares at the wheelbarrow with manure, which so beautifully fall at the end of Mad Dog. Wheelbarrow and her boss Hey Jones with a shovel - in the shade. The next moment, they are brightly lit by the sun. Marty himself mystically moved fifteen meters down the street.

Which hand?

Marty shows a brilliant shooter in the dash. Then the master sends a revolver shooting range with his left hand. The next moment, a revolver in the right hand Marty. No one noticed? :)

With or without cars?

Marty moves over time into the path of a rushing train. In the shadow of the wall to the left perfectly clear that this is only one locomotive without cars. Next second - and we see a train. By the way, the sun on a cloudy day change in the blink of an eye, but it's the little things ... PS It should be noted that despite the fact that the De Lorean had just blown to pieces by the train, no one is reacted! The train did not stop people on the move are not rushed to see what was happening, and when Marty Jennifer some time later come to the crossing, there are no police, studying the wreckage. No one eyebrow does not lead ...



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