Kinolyapy famous trilogy BACK TO THE FUTURE (3 screenshots)

I suggest you look kinolyapy a famous movie about time travel.

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"Back to the Future", Part 1

Dilute mess

Marty twisted amplifier at maximum, and includes a huge speaker that explodes, throws the young musician to the wall. There is a large shelf with stuff. It falls directly on the hero, pulling his head. In the two adjacent frames all this stuff completely changes its appearance - there is some kind of a sheet of paper, which was not the beginning, and so on. And the hero's feet are different.

Wheels chameleon

But this is a real mystic. Marty arrives on a skateboard in the parking lot at the supermarket "Two pine" and stops next to Doc's dog named Einstein. On two adjacent frames skateboard wheels change color from yellow to pink, and the position of objects are absolutely identical and apparently filmed by one and the same double. One can only assume that the wheels are "embellishing" with the help of special effects ... But why ?!

Clock change design

Dog Einstein - the world's first time traveler. Around his neck - digital clock with which Doc prove that his time machine really works. But the thing: on the neck dog sitting in a time machine - a clock with conventional liquid crystal display without backlight (which is perfectly visible) and when Doc compares the readings of his watch with the clock Einstein on the dial - a bright glowing red numbers.

Odometer chudit


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