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ie very much a warm post-perestroika era first half of the 1990s, someone remembered the endless queues, empty shelves in the stores, with colored sheets of coupons and funny rabbits on the banknotes. And someone used vengeance suddenly fallen down on the head of the Hollywood film industry benefits.
Sensing Western craze Cinema, Cinema Club semi-basement, first videmagnitofony, and later - a mysterious snowy-air "channel 8" on TV domain American "dream factory" to become almost native nasal transfer. Thanks to all of them today, we are particularly warm memories of such films as "Terminator," "Star Wars," "Indiana Jones," "Home Alone," "Lethal Weapon," "Ghostbusters," "Robocop," "Highlander" "Alien," "Predator," "Alien" and many other movies.
Do you remember the wonderful trilogy of "Back to the Future"? Incredibly kind, charming and funny film about the adventures of a teenager time Marty and Doc Brown bribed the true spirit of adventure, which is so hard to convey modern cinema. And how everyone liked puzzle over riddles in time! Today we digress slightly from the usual format and instead the history of film (about it - next time) to look closely packed projected pictures that come true or just waiting for their turn.
Most of all, from this point of view is interesting the second part of the trilogy. In "Back to the Future 2" main characters spend a lot of time in our present little present - in 2015. How did see the future from the depths of the 1980s by Robert Zemeckis and the team?
Alas! Light the dream of mankind of flying machines, despite the efforts of inventors, scientists, automakers and enthusiastic individuals, and has remained a dream. Cine expanses furrowing cars scare the birds in the sky, and we are able to rely on ground-based autopilots ...

Or similar hybrid car and an aircraft. However, still more aircraft than cars. Moreover, this piece goods, which will never be massive, and it is insane.


I do not know why, but most of all I remember the film samozashnurovyvayuschiesya sneakers. Probably, the thing is both ingenious and simple idea. The design was developed sneaker company Nike, but none after the tape did not dare to start something similar in retail. But there were requests, demands and even a petition from fans!

In the end, Nike gave up and released a couple of years ago sneakers from "Back to the Future 2". Externally - indistinguishable, but with the "stuffing" left pad. Yes, the shoes have LED lights, and even a removable battery. There was no place only the main "trick" - with laces have to bother yourself. Developers had no choice as elegantly explain this shortcoming as follows: in the yard, they say, only in 2011, and avtoshnurovka appears only in 2015, so wait a bit. Well, we wait ...

A modern replica of the Nike

By the way, running out a limited edition and were sold at a charity auction for a huge sum.

The fate of this luxury, but a heavy rubber jacket is much sadder. Despite the fact that it is the right size to fit the touch of a button, viewers jacket is not much impressed. Probably, today hardly anyone would want to wear such a miracle Yudo techniques.

Hoverboard - a real "trick" the second part of the trilogy, along with sneakers. Immediately after the release of the flying board became the object of desire for millions of American, and after a few years of Soviet children.

The unfortunate company Mattel, which has not carried the logo to show off to "air seytborde" from the film, pelted letters and phone calls with questions to swing, when the high-tech device will go on sale. "Not until 2015" - only had to justify toy manufacturers.
Reactive version hoverboard

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Do not believe Mattel, there will be nothing in two years. While all that was honored American company, it is a toy replica of the hoverboard, which can only skim the surface. Even the almighty enthusiasts almost nothing happens, except that such shtukentsiya magnets:

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Apparently, the magnetic field is still a long way to subdue the entertainment needs of teens. Water is easier to tame and, so long as the French are content with a product called Leviathan FlyBoard:
But the filmmakers accurately predicted further fascination descendants virtual third measurement. In one scene, Marty frightened advertising holographic projection posters 19th of the "Jaws." Well, Hollywood still has two years to quickly remove remaining 17 pieces of horror about the bloodthirsty shark, but the 3D is quite a success, "rolled" even in Belarusian theaters. So far, however, it can not do without special glasses, but successes have and almost real holograms.

Café takes a landmark meeting of the protagonist with the old Biff. But we are more interested in the equipment cafes made, by the way, in the style of the 1980s (even slot machine of that era is!). It serves customers in the antediluvian tube TVs robot in the image of Michael Jackson.

Nowadays, robots in the cafe meet infrequently. Nevertheless, attempts, sometimes quite successfully, to create a robotic catering sometimes taken place. In China, for example, a few months ago we opened a restaurant in which almost all the work is done by robots. They are able to take the order, unpretentious dishes prepared to deliver to their customers and finally to calculate them. Who knows - maybe in 2015 the Chinese "robostolovka" grow to the scale of "McDonald's"!

As you can see, large-scale projects of the "Back to the Future 2" are implemented with difficulty. But portable devices lucky much more: they are now even better than in the movie! From time to time in the film flashed some devices, like handheld computers. In one scene, the old man is using the device as a means of payment. Another police removed with the help of fingerprints and find all the information about their owner (or rather, the possessor).

NFC, contactless payment technology, Internet-connected smartphones, social networks, mobile clients with detailed data about users. All of this already, lacking only the fingerprint scanner, but in this case it will not be long - the rumors about the appearance of the scanner in the mobile device go long.

By the way, the fingerprint. In the film, with their help open the door to the house. The technology is implemented for a long time, but is not too common. Imagine that in the cinema it is used only in the elite, not the compacted blocks with individual buildings and not in the slums (which says a taxi driver cine).

In the same building there is a window-TV, which can display any landscape. Perhaps this episode guided Samsung, developed when the Smart Window - TV set with a transparent touch screen 46-inch screen. Suffice it to touch his hand, and "smart box" will show whatever the landscape. Or perform the role of blinds. Or even pretend mirror.

The device has shown at last year's CES, but the sale was never launched. And what will sell in a few years, just in time for the events described in the film?

Huge flat screen TV is no surprise, as well as talking with a soulless box. Marty Junior team, which channels they want to switch, and the telly dutifully fulfills all the requirements.

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Voice control function gradually introduce all the major manufacturers of TV receivers. Last year, the opportunity presented LG. But still there is a system Nuance Dragon TV. About talkative Siri also not forget - there is every chance that it will appear in TV "apple company».

Several times during the film Dock enjoys gizmo, like whether on the binoculars, whether on camera. When it is viewed, the device illuminates the faces of green squares. Is not it silly digital "soap box" or modern smart phones with face recognition? The industry has gone further - you can even track the muzzle of cats.

It is a pity that while producers were not smart enough to release as shown in the movie "hydrator." But it's a real pink dream for any bachelor! In the film, the device is placed in a small pancake-dried, and a minute later removed steaming delicious pizza. Microwave, of course, is also good, but "hydrator 's far.

Scene eating "hydrogenated" pizza, in addition to the pizza, remarkable virtual reality goggles. In fact, in the film are not a description of functions points, but this device is certainly entertaining. Moreover, they can call.

How can you not remember the Google Glass or recently introduced gaming glasses Oculus Rift? First look stylish, and the second, according to the device to try out completely, with the head immersed man in the world of virtual entertainment.

And remember, as in "Back to the Future 2" showed analogue Skype? When the father goes to answer the phone, the phone does not speak, and uses the TV screen, which displays the caller on the other end "wire."

What is not a videoconference via Skype?

Many inventions from the film seamlessly moved into our lives. Some of them get a lot smarter than unsightly and awkward Soup from "Back to the Future 2". Even more only be translated into reality, such as running shoes with avtoshnurovkoy, flying cars and hoverboard. And until they invented - it's time to review the excellent trilogy Robert Zemeckis.



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