Special effects in "Star Wars" as it was

We all know that one of the most iconic and grandiose films is the saga of "Star Wars" So what she was so fun and interesting? First screens attracted remarkable for its time visual effects and proximity to open space. Let's priotkroem mystery of the classic trilogy and learn how to literally from a simple cardboard and drawings created the legendary trilogy.

Like any masterpiece "Star Wars" began with an idea.

Great storyteller new era of cinema George Lucas epic conceived when he was not yet 30 years old. In the mid-1970s was ready to preview the script, which, however, has repeatedly almost completely rewritten. How do you, for example, one of the ideas to make Lucas Luke Skywalker 60-year-old general, and Han Solo - alien with green scales and gills?

Written history includes the story of all known today six episodes. There is a version that George Lucas has decided to withdraw from the middle of the series because the first three episodes while allegedly lacked the skills of specialists in visual effects. This is not the case, the director could easily implement his idea from the very first episode. He initially decided to take up the filming of the fourth episode. Firstly, this was done in order to intrigue the audience. Secondly, George Lucas did not know if it will work at it to remove more than one series of "Star Wars", so took up most "drayvovy" time scenario.

Then it was worse. For a long time no one studio did not want to take up with the adaptation of the tale, to put it mildly, a strange story. In the yard still felt the influence of the hippie movement, venerable directors filmed serious movies about the Vietnam War, and mediocrity riveting thrash crafts about the evil aliens from outer space. The work of George Lucas once ranked as the last one, that's just the budget in this case required a rather big - $ 8 million. Fortunately found a producer who believed in the genius of the young director and the necessary amount.

Still, the success of "Star Wars" believed only a few. Lucas himself and then sometimes doubted of his undertaking to get anything worthwhile. Later, the actors remembered shooting as the most absurd episode in their lives. Tall guy in a suit monkeys, dwarfs, simple pretentious dialogue ... The film was seen as a fairy tale, or trash, but not science fiction, claiming to cult status.


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