Office War

The story about how my friend and I struggled with my colleagues and came up with a cool solution with posters. Rate -
And now the story itself.

I do not know about you, but I was very annoyed when the office smells like food. Given that we have time for lunch is not fixed, the smell of food is spread around the office from twelve to five in the evening.
After ocherdnoy repeated but fruitless negotiations with my colleague, we have started to operate:
1. We drew the border cuisine, for which it is impossible to move from food.
2. Keep the kitchen threatening notes.

3. Once revealing put on gas masks lunchtime.

All this gave only short-term effect and then my friend - the designer of Education - decided to draw a poster and hang it in the kitchen.

People embraced the idea with humor, but, oddly enough, restrain their appetites and almost stopped eating in the workplace.
And then my friend suffered: he decided to make life better and all offices draw office ostrosotsialnye posters, and even found a sponsor.

Now you can order and receive a free printed poster, just follow the link


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