10 facts about the "Star Wars"

"Star Wars" (eng. Star Wars) - fantastic saga, which the American director George Lucas in the early 1970s and later expanded. The film had an enormous influence on the international pop culture and repeatedly recognized as the best science fiction film.

Let's start with the fact that his creation "Star Wars" owe a car accident in which George Lucas was in high school. Actually, he wanted to be a racing driver, so sold all his toys and bought a used "Fiat", which drove through the neighborhood, barely observing traffic rules. Of course, it ended up by accident - "Fiat" Lucas almost forehead collided with a small truck, and just lying on a hospital bed, he suddenly came up with the idea of ​​"power" - a kind of religion, which is professed space knights and thanks to which the good is able to withstand evil on a universal scale. After that, Lucas stopped thinking about racing and decided to become a director.

It's hard to believe now, but "Star Wars" Nobody wanted to shoot: absolutely all the Hollywood studios Lucas thought the idea failed, and XX Century Fox agreed to start shooting only after Lucas refused the fee.

His first film - TiEychIks 11 38 - Lucas withdrew only because of him asked Francis Ford Coppola: he convinced the studio Warner Bros. that Lucas talent. And when Lucas started filming, Coppola - for luck - he gave 777,777 dollars. The film flopped.

As for the name - TiEychIks 11 38, then this is connected another interesting fact. This fad Lucas. These letters and numbers are found in all his films. In particular, in the first episode, 11, 38 is written on the back of a battle droid, which takes captive Jar Jar Binks, and this is clearly visible in the frame. A technique of improving the showing of films in cinemas, developed by one of the companies Lucas called TiEychIks.


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