Diorama as art

In the last 20 years among modelers actively developing the art of creating dioramas (usually military). Simply buy in the store and glue another tank and infantry was set for many boring and they move on. Come up with an interesting plot and make the finished composition with topography, fortifications, ruins, dynamics and dramatic action.

This is a very tragic and yet heroic story of how the summer of 1941 Soviet heavy assault tank KV-2 (the most powerful in the world at the time) brought down the wooden bridge and got stuck in the river, near the town abandoned by the Red Army. Young hotshot Lieutenant managed to assemble a new crew and pull with the help of local residents on the coast 52-ton colossus to take her last fight. The diorama is still his own, independent story:

On the one hand bridge collapse appeared convoy on its way to the rear, on the other - staff car, rush to the side of the front. In the same town (modern picture)

In the picture Prokudin-Gorsky with views of Polotsk in 1912 .:

Diorama in its original form


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