The history of special effects in cinema

The history of cinema is inseparably linked with the history of special effects. From the first primitive tricks with lights and fake daggers in silent movies, to entire worlds and incredibly lifelike creatures that never existed. Now almost all films with a decent budget to some extent use virtual scenery.

What comes first in the movie - the story or the acting? Special effects or skill cinematographer? Of course, all of these components are essential. But still, some films have become famous precisely because of the special effects used. And let today, some of them look ordinary, and some naive at the time they become milestones in film. Of course, all of these movies was a lot. But few can boast special effects, only by which it was possible to tell a story conceived. These special effects are not simply called the wow effect, but did take the soul. Which makes empathize with the main character, imbued with situations in which he found himself. Let us recall some of those iconic films.

Metropolis (Metropolis) (1927) h4>

Perhaps, «Metropolis» first film in which special effects have become a real breakthrough. The director managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the city of the future, and without complex technical tricks not done. It was first applied effect Shyufftana (Schüfftan Process), named after the inventor of the Eugene Shyufftana . Its essence lies in the formation of a composite image using a system of mirrors, allowing you to create non-existent landscape and organically fit into their actors.


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