Kraudsorsim book about the Land of Crimson Clouds

It is hoped that in this noble, gigantic business will increasingly expand international cooperation
scientists imbued desire to work for the benefit of all humanity, in the name of peace and progress. K. Sergeev (alias Sergei Korolev) i> blockquote>

(Scheme gondola stratostat STRATOLAB with equipment for spektroskopirovaniya atmospheres of other planets) i>

Recently Habré has a new writer Pavel Shubin ( Shubinpavel ), who has written several interesting posts
Way "Moon-1»
ISEE-3. 17 years sleep
Sounds Venus
and yet he is the author of the article in a top Computerra «Why, why, and how he died cosmonaut Komarov» . With audiversiey .

When I went to his profile and saw that he launched project on Bumstartere, publishing a book about the history of the study of Venus.

excerpt from page 20

Readiness of the project at the time of writing the post:
Content - 95%
Layout, proofreading, layout - 20%

I think it's cool that space begins to slowly kraudsorsitsya in Russia.
I wanted to assist Paul and write a small post with additional material from the book and I hope that there are certainly more people who will help the author tips / ideas / resources and just support.

The author does not lazy meet people (eg with the supervisor "Venus-15/16», Олегом Nikolayevich Riha

Paul plans to buy out the project unique pictures from the American and Russian funds.

Diagram station for photographing Venus i>

While this book was a considerable amount of material processed scientific publications

click to enlarge image i>

With the permission of the author, especially for readers Habra, quote below an excerpt from the book

An excerpt from the book h4>

Venus-4. The first ever operating condition in the atmosphere of another planet. H5>

It was October 18, 1967 at 7 o'clock 39 minutes 10 seconds. The station entered the atmosphere at a speed of about 10 km / s. At that time, neither the lander was not part of the atmosphere at such high speeds, even in the earth! On command from the temperature sensor was divided compartments, followed by the ballistic pause and exit the drogue parachute, then - the main. Altimeter turned, went signals with temperature and pressure sensors, the striker broke cover and rushed into ampoules analyzer Venusian "air". Work started!

There are several eyewitnesses who were in those moments in Yalta at the station Deep Space Communication in the 116th room. I would like to quote from the diary, the famous journalist Yaroslav Golovanov Space (local time, Evpatoria). In parentheses the author's comments.

"Evpatoria. Deep Space Centre. Onboard time AMC - 128 th day of the flight. On Earth - night. Night, when the "Venus-4" will sit on Venus. Voltage creepy.

In 5h 41 min team: let me know when a signal!

And indeed, in the 5h 44 min 27 - the signal! The excess of the signal above the noise of the earth and the heavens 30 times! Excellent!

In 6.15 «Venus-4" very beginning "to look for land" of its parabolic antenna and 12 minutes later found, with the excess of the signal above the noise immediately jumped from 30 to thousands.

6.48 - to the planet there are about 30 thousand kilometers.

7.15 - there are about 13 thousand ...

7.35 - 400 km to Venus ... Begins still very weak, watery atmosphere, so it's time to shoot SA. When shooting CA parabolic antenna that works so well now, Earth will lose. Indeed, the signal has changed dramatically, but, as they say here, "the parabola does not want to die."
Finally at 7.39 the signal from the dish antenna completely disappeared. But after 50 seconds, turn on the transmitter SA. He is 5 times weaker, but what to do ...

7.48. B> to Venus - 28, 8 km. Pressure (P) - 960 mmHg, the temperature (T) of -78 degrees Celsius ...

(Immediately after the parachute was made the first analysis of the composition of the atmosphere of Venus. Threshold sensors simply zashkalilo! As it was only possible to say that the carbon dioxide atmosphere of Venus contains more than 1%. Part of the gage, to the surprise of all, too. But they anyway, were able to give a clear enough result. CO2 + 90% - 10. The nitrogen content of one sensor output less than 7%, the second - less than or equal to 2.5%.) i>

8.08. B> P - more than 4 atm, T = 135 ° C. Academician Imshenetskiy, authority in microbiology, said that just at this temperature sterilization occurs. Hope that on Venus there is a similarity of protein earthly life, virtually no ... CA can withstand pressures up to 15 atmospheres, then it will crush ...
Behind me in the glassed cabin sits soldier very intelligent-looking, bespectacled, of those who did not pass the university entrance exams. He kept repeating to someone in the phone settings of the Venusian atmosphere that operators report to every 30 seconds. Reported that the pressure in the atmosphere of Venus has exceeded 5 atmospheres, the soldier suddenly paused, obviously listening to the question, and then confided:
- Comrade Marshal, in the world - one atmosphere ... Many would give anything to know what kind of tree stump sits at the other end. But it is certainly a military secret!

8.54. B> Pressure Sensor zashkalilo: it was designed for only 9 atmospheres. T = 250 ° C. T inside the unit - 37 ° C. "Life there is a dog," - says thoughtfully Georgy (Babakin).

In fact, the sensor "zashkalilo» More at 8:31 am. Last reported was about reaching 7 atm.

9.14. B> Outside temperature - over 280 degrees inside - 54 degrees. The operator reported that the object swinging. Why?

9.16. B> The signal disappeared

(The last recorded signal from the Venera-4 was transferred at 9 o'clock 13 minutes 31 seconds. The temperature reached 535 K (262 ° C).) I>

In the evening, "washed" in "Ukraine" victory Babakina. For science is a grand victory: just three hours Earthlings learned of his celestial neighbor more than in all previous human history! Drank well, all noisy, shouting, laughing, and Hleb (Gleb Y. Maksimov - a leading developer of automated machinery space, first in SP Korolev OKB, then at GN Babakina.) Suddenly began to cry. Yes so genuinely bitterly. We rushed to him, and he replied:
- Idiots! What are you rejoicing ?! Do not you realize that today we are orphaned in the solar system ?! I was so looking forward to Venus ... So ... Are we alone in the solar system, we are all alone! .. - And again wept. »

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