Canary: smart security system for home

Security systems for home there are so many, there are advanced systems, there is very advanced, and there are - simple, very simple.

System Canary stands out from a number of their own kind, especially the fact that it can truly be called "smart" - responds to it not only on all sorts of events, such as opening / closing doors, but also for unusual signals such as an unusual time of opening the doors to apartment.

Design and Configuration h4>
 The system looks very simple, but inside - all sorts of components, subsystems and components:

  • HD camera (720p) with a mode of night vision and 170 degree wide-angle lens;
  • Wi-Fi module;
  • A microphone and a speaker of high quality;
  • The siren;
  • LED RGB;
  • 3- axis accelerometer;
  • The motion sensor (PIR);
  • The temperature sensor ;
  • The humidity sensor;
  • The air quality sensor.

    According to the developers, one block Canary quite enough for reliable monitoring of the apartment. But it is possible to install several units, if the apartment is big, or you live in the house.

    The functionality and capabilities h4>
     This device is mounted either on the wall / ceiling or mounted on any horizontal surface. Of course, it is better to place the device anywhere in the center, not on the balcony / basement :)

    Setting up the device is easy. It is necessary to turn the device on, connect to your home Wi-Fi network and sign up when Canary Cloud, download the appropriate application on your smartphone.

    Of course, for the normal operation of the device requires Wi-Fi network and smartphone running iOS or Android.

    Since the device is equipped with a motion sensor, it can respond to the appearance of a moving object in the "view" by sending a notification. In this Canary «learns" and can distinguish the motion of an object the size of a cat, from the movement of an object the size of a grown man.

    And even its owner is able to distinguish the device, according to various parameters so that, going at night to drink some water, you will not get a signal on your smartphone and siren.

    Over time, the Canary remembers, when you come home, normally behave at home, what are your habits (well, for example, at 17.00 go to smoke on the balcony) and other details. All of this can significantly reduce the number of false positives.

    Canary can detect motion, temperature and humidity changes, opening and closing doors and other things.

    Remote Control h4>
     Install on your smartphone corresponding application, you can connect remotely to the Canary. For example, received notice of elevated temperature on the smartphone, you can connect the camera to the device to see what happens. Of course, if a fire in the house and Wi-Fi router is already burned, to connect fail, but the Canary warns about such things long before the event has turned into a fatal stage.

    If the device is lost connection to the smartphone will be notified.

    Tools Canary Cloud h4>
     Developers have created a service Canary Cloud, which is the "brain" of the device, that is where there is a processing data obtained device. Internal Memory devaysa there, but it is small, and it is intended for buffering data when transmitting data in Canary Cloud.

    According to the developers, with a connection to Canary / service is carried out by SSL (HTTPS). Video and audio boot to the service are encrypted with AES-256 key.

    Third-party storage / FTP is not supported.

    Price / Order h4>
     Now all the Canary copies sold (at a price of 199 US dollars for a bunch of device / service), request a notification when new devices can either have manufacturer < / a>, or on the website Medgadgets . New deliveries are scheduled for November this year.



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