10 unusual innovation that will live on thanks to crowdfunding

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Ring display to check email, smart suitcase, an off-season snowboard and neurofen that improves IQ.

MOTA SmartRing is a computerized ring that according to the creators will allow people to manage their time. Smartphones and their endless apps are constantly distracted by unnecessary notifications. The ring communicates with the phone via Bluetooth and shows only the most important and necessary information: email, calls, messages. There is even a feature list of people from whom you can receive messages and calls on a SmartRing. The ring has a display, so that any message can be read without removing, just swipe the text. The ring will be useful for business people who spend a lot of time at meetings where it is inconvenient to be distracted by the phone, but do not want to miss important information. Also it will be useful to those who conducts an active way of life, because it eliminates the need to constantly take your phone out of your pocket. Producers are planning to release the ring in white and black in two basic sizes, S and L, with the ability to trim the inner edge. MOTA SmartRing is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Its delivery is scheduled for April 2015, the price for presale is $ 75.

Scanadu Scout — the first medical tricorder, which will be able to instantly read the main indicators of the human body and then send them via Bluetooth to your smartphone. 10 seconds can measure temperature, pressure, pulse, stress levels, heart rate, oxygen levels in the blood, do an electrocardiogram. Simply bring a small device to his forehead, and a few seconds all stats will be displayed on the display of your phone. The data can be observed, discuss them with your doctor, to examine how various factors affect your health.

The device is equipped with a 32-bit processor and uses the operating system Micrium. The latter is famous for being used by NASA for Mars Rovers. Scanadu Scout comes with a set of ultrasensitive modern sensors from the infrared sensor to the accelerometer and microphone.

The Scanadu app will be released for Android and iOS with Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Low Energy. The product is not yet certified to the Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA, so the creators encourage volunteers to participate in upcoming tests of the new device. Starting price new is $ 199.

Zap&Go graphene the world's first external battery for mobile phones and tablets. His uniqueness is that he is charging from the network in just 5 minutes. Existing lithium batteries charge slowly. This is a big drawback, because about the external batteries, we remember at the last moment, when there is no time to recharge, but the phone definitely runs out. The developers of Zap&Go decided to create an external battery, and supercapacitor. This is a new type of energy-intensive capacitors that can in a few minutes to absorb enough energy to charge the same iPhone. Graphene, in turn, helped to make the supercapacitor compact and light. Expected time of appearance of the product on the market — October 2015 starting price — $ 99. Later the price will rise to 150.

SKULLY AR-1 helmet of the new generation. Embedded technologies allow the driver not to be distracted on the road, eliminate "blind spots" and, if necessary, build up a route. With these features, the rider safety is greatly enhanced because it can better control the situation.

Helmet is equipped with a transparent display, and notification system on the glass that does not obscure visibility. Therefore, the driver does not look at the display, as it were, through it. With this technology, the information is read instantly, and the rider does not have to be distracted from the road. The rear camera is very wide angle — 180 degrees. This allows you to see the surroundings to the rear and sides. The helmet also includes radio: you can listen music and call.

SKULLY AR-1 operates via Bluetooth with the ability to connect to the Internet through the phone. It has GPS-Navigator, and you can optionally include displaying information on speed, gear, rpm, etc. The largest helmet size XXL weighs 1.8 kg. the Battery lasts 9 hours of continuous operation. Charged it using a USB cable. It is expected that the sale of the SKULLY AR-1 will appear in may 2015. The starting price is $ 1399.

JIBO is the first robot that may become a full member of the family. He is able to recognize faces, read and tell stories, take photos, send messages, chat, to remind you about something important. JIBO works via WiFi connection. While he understands only American English, but in the future, manufacturers plan to teach him other languages, developing special software. Now the robot ordered 4 800 people. JIBO is $ 499. The first batch should go on sale in early 2016.

Canary is a security system for home, which is synchronized with the mobile device. The device is equipped with a HD camera and multiple sensors that track movement, temperature and react to vibration, noise, any action, providing security for you and your home. Canary can be controlled using your iPhone or Android device.

The problem of the existing security systems is that in 99% of cases they send a false alarm, which is extremely annoying, and eventually people simply cease to use them. Unlike the Canary in that she gradually gets used to your life rhythm and routine of the day and sends alerts more intelligently. The system warns you if you smell a rat: a sharp increase in temperature (it may fire), sudden sound or movement (maybe someone broke into your house). Where ever you go, Canary instantly sends notification on your phone and you can respond to them: for example, call a neighbor or call the police. Canary is now available for purchase for $ 249.

Bluesmart is a small, convenient case that you can control with your phone. The smartphone app allows you to open and close the suitcase, weigh it, track location, get notifications if you left it, or if someone tried to open it without your permission. In addition, the suitcase is built quite a powerful battery which allows you to charge two devices at the same time 6 times in a row. Bluesmart can also sync with a calendar or other services for travel and remind about upcoming travel. Suitcase easily passes through the screening point at the airport. Bluesmart made of high quality material, and its dimensions are suitable to take it with you into the cabin. Another bonus is the convenient secure pocket for laptop or tablet. Pre-time deliveries start August 2015. The starting price for pre-order — 270 dollars.

Closing of the season — a sad moment for any snowboarder. But now all the sports items you can perform on the pavement: LEIF allows you to fully simulate the skating technique. You can go on the front or rear edge, slide down and even up an imaginary slope. Braking is the same as on a snowboard, and a top speed of 32 km/h. LEIF is a mechanical snowboard with two motors. Speed can be controlled with a convenient remote that allows you to slide freely in any direction. The preliminary price for the Board is $ 499, the launch of sales is planned for June 2015.

Flic is a simple and stylish button that can be programmed to perform the most common functions that you use on your phone. For example, one button click you can call a taxi, send a message to parents to build a route Navigator. One button corresponds to one action. You can put two buttons Flic in the car and program one for navigation and the second for texting family. At home, you can put the button in and teach her to search your phone: next time you're frantically running around the house in search of, click on a Flic, and your phone signal.

In addition, the button useful for those who have not learned how to use smartphones. For example, the elderly difficult to get used to the touch display, and Flic — a simple and convenient way to manage them with useful functions. This button can also be linked with the camera on the phone, send her help, information about your location to call the secret service in an emergency. Set of 6 buttons can be ordered for $ 99 and wait for the deliveries in April 2015.

Neurofen NEO is the optimizer of mental abilities. In fact, narion was invented in 1958, a brilliant thirteen teenager Patrick Flanagan, but since then he has significantly improved his invention. In 2015 comes neurofen new generation, which speeds up mental processes, balancing the functions of left and right hemispheres of the brain, increases IQ. Ultrasonic waves are passed to the brain through sensors that are attached to the forehead, helping the person to concentrate. The device will help to discover new knowledge and skills, better learn large amounts of information. In this ultrasound, according to Patrick Flanagan, not only safe but even beneficial to the brain and body as a whole. The initial price of neurophone — 389 dollars.

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