How to celebrate New Year and stay healthy

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A festive table can be useful when cooking to be creative.

In the new year our body is under real stress from fatty food and many salads with mayonnaise, that washed down with alcoholic beverages. It just so happens that the most delicious food are undermining our health.

Harmful holiday table is easy to turn into useful: you need to creatively approach the process of cooking!

The famous salad "Olivier" will not affect your waistline if sausage to replace the boiled meat, and instead of store-bought mayonnaise add home, to cook each of olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolks.

No Christmas table is complete without snacks. Sausages, pickles, tomatoes with cheese stuffing, deviled eggs and peppers – these dishes insidious and fraught with the greatest danger, because you can control how many slices of sausage, pork, carbonate we absorbed, very difficult. The most correct, according to nutritionists, are the fish dishes: fish contains polyunsaturated acids omega-3, which helps the body to burn its own excess fat. Fish can be prepared a variety of sandwiches, rolls, mini-sandwiches.

Let your Desk be more of vegetable salads and snacks – they will be much more useful and less calories than pickles. Salted and pickled vegetables are very tasty, who would argue, but the content of salt and sugar rolls, and simultaneously negates the entire benefit from their use.

By following the simple rules of a competent meal, you will surely be able to avoid adverse effects to maintain health and not gain extra pounds!

31 December during the day is not Morita himself goldenarchcasino during the day, as is done in ordinary days. Otherwise, during the feast you "pounce" on food and will not be able to control your appetite. This applies especially to those who suffer from cholecystitis or pancreatitis. To quickly not to get drunk, a few hours before the feast, eat something oily, such as small butter or simply drink a tablespoon of olive oil.

Don't rush to try everything at once bloodstreets to make a short break between the consumption of different treats. During the repast more communicate, move, play with the kids, dance. After all, New year is a holiday of fun and laughter, not "belly".

Remember the dangers of alternating hot and cold, pisito adversely affects the enamel of the teeth and gastrointestinal tract. To save the body from overloading, do not get spicy and fried dishes.

Relax in front of the celebration of the New года

Take a contrast shower, it will give you courage and strength in order to withstand a night of fun, need of strength.

Not in a hurry to go spacepole the New year better not immediately go to bed, and to walk a bit. It is also useful to take 5-6 tablets of activated charcoal.

Not only a feast!If during the feast, you still eat a lot, and you have a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, then the next day it is advisable to eat only fruits and fresh juices, the better citrus. And of course, it is desirable to move more walk in the fresh air, play in the snow, go sledding and ice skating.

The main enemy of healthy table – Mayo. Let's cook it ourselves, and then benefit from your meals will be much greater.

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What you need:

2 egg yolks

0.5 tsp. of mustard, grains

150 ml olive oil

a pinch of salt and sugar

1 tbsp lemon juice

How to make homemade mayonnaise:

1. Yolks put in a bowl, add salt, sugar and mustard. All the ingredients mix well with a mixer.

2. Gently, literally drop by drop, to enter into the yolk mixture of olive oil, at the same time whisking the mixture with a mixer, and watching that oil combined with egg yolks into a homogeneous emulsion.

3. When the mayonnaise has acquired the desired consistency and enough has thickened, pour in the lemon juice (the mayonnaise becomes more liquid). Continue whisking until the desired state is mayonnaise can turn out less or more dense.

4. Homemade mayonnaise is ready!



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