So who is there rat?

In the animal world, there are not a lot of animals, causing an equally persistent negative associations like rats. And they spread the infection, and they devour everything, and mutual aid is unknown to them. Yes, try someone else - a friend or not - called a rat. Can you imagine the reaction?
And that it really is all really? Or it's much easier - it is human nature to attribute to anyone (though the beast, though potential enemy precisely the evil qualities that are inherent to himself).
Who knows, you might not want this thesis Check the scientists, when the experiment was performed, but it is very significant.
Conditions were created fairly simple. One of the rats - in an enclosed space on the verge of death, the second having the opportunity to help first - in quite prosperous compartment full of diverse food. Can not believe it. But the "prosperous" rat has not started to eat until rescued perishing out of trouble. And only after that the two started (together!) To a meal. The impression was that they all kind evince contempt for the observers. But it is, from the emotions. But the fact of salvation gently pushes to the conclusion that our love for the distribution of labels.
Now the question. A lot of people in real life (movies directly out of the brackets) are able so to lean on? On the opposite examples encountered? Oto Well bo.
By the way, we also zhrem that whatever is handy. And the infection can spread so that the rats will be jealous.
So who is there rat?
Rat - the only non-human mammal that can laugh.

During the Great Patriotic War, people in the bombing were hiding in houses, who escaped the rat.


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