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The beginning of the nineties. Returned the boy after valiant service in the armed forces and is going to recover to study at the institute. And it needs to pass a medical examination. Well - you need to, then go through. And in this process comes the turn of the psychiatrist (no jokes here as the "Afghan syndrome" had already been quite common). Yes and no military service routine medical examinations at the time the procedure was mandatory.
A young man comes into the office. Sits this myself slightly reduced copy Uliana Semenova (there was such centering club TTT Riga - 2 meters 15 centimeters tall). It examines our youth, hammer in the right places obstukivaet. And it just starts laughing uncontrollably at the punch. Like virtually no reasons, but simply invoice physician in conjunction with its specialization is here such unconditioned reflex.
Madame frowns, completes the survey and suddenly declares that she does not sign the authorization. Inadequate for the examinee. Our hero object as it may - here, said the army guns trust, all right, come, I want to return to school. No - that's all. Fool you, my dear man. In the end, unable to come to a shaky compromise - Madame wrote in the card that tolerance is a temporary condition with a voluntary appearance for hospital treatment in the mental hospital.
A couple of months Union ordered to live long. Go to a mental hospital, of course, no one. But spravochka remained. Excuse for all occasions. Documented.
Very, by the way, helps in family life. In which case - took out a document, opened, closed his eyes - and paused meaningfully. And on the other side view of a hand with a frying pan in a strange tremble, and fell. And the pan back on the stove. Or is there a cry from the heart breaks at the life partner: "Well, like a normal person can listen to" Crematorium "? Or the tenth time in a row twist Sympathy? ¬ĽAnd she really so calm answer: & quot; But I'm a fool. I have a certificate and & quot ;. And as a matter of ustakanivaetsya.


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