Coffee and Sushi

Damn, eat something, it turns out bad!
One thing in the morning took me so upset to impossible - coffee, tea, chocolate - terrible, it turns out, hallucinogens. A sushi - even death waiting to happen, and guys are a dietary product. Say, and fish in it or other seafood sheer nonsense in comparison with the terrible weight of glutinous rice, sugar and saturated with salt. And protein in this product quite well, not (as it is, I'm sorry? No protein in rice? I guess I missed something in botany). In general, the consumption of this Japanese heresy - a direct route to the hospital.
And for coffee, tea and cocoa just sad. No way - and that's it. In black tea, so you know, in addition to the familiar caffeine enters the fungus mold containing the psychedelic drug LSD-like. So just drank a cup of tea - and that. The habit of a lifetime. Not sprygnesh unaided. With chocolate (that is, cocoa) are generally obtained pechalka. If, therefore, the child requires that you have a product, then immediately to the doctor it. And it will be too late. If there is already too late. Also, you know, getting used to a reception. Well, of coffee, remember, since Soviet times, constantly debates were "useful - is harmful." Depending on the availability of the product in the retail network. No - so, now it is harmful to the body. There was - yeah, Come on let see. Yes, he is just so awesome quality! And antioxidants, and prevention of cancer. Not citizens, it is you have been deceived. You can drink. And so the circle.
What I do wonder - what I used to first breath to breathe - it is also evidence of the presence of certain substances in the air? And to drink (just water at least) I've got a bad habit. Tried to break the habit - it is impossible without assistance. Breaking begins on the second day approximately. Athas! From birth hoisted.
Output, the truth is, but he does not fit all - not figs to eat and drink to excess, when the fifth point of the whole day glued to a chair and bring it turns to a maximum of the toilet. It was then - and sushi will sverhkaloriynym. And a couple of cups of coffee will cause glitches.
But there is always a healthy alternative. Coffee - in the video. And for other products - who wants to - find.


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