If the writers had nicknames))))))))))))

Nikolai "FGM" Gogol
Leo "Read me completely" Tolstoy
Alex "The Lion I" Tolstoy
Tatiana "I'm sorry for my son," Thick
Vladimir "My. Nickname. Discreet "Mayakovsky
Daria "Assassin forests" Doncova
Michael "Students hate nature" Prishvin
Boris "Background" Akunin
Eugene "Let's get to the point" Grishkovets
Nikolai "The same question" Chernyshevsky
Roots "Pret is not a child," Chukovsky

Agatha "and the killer - the butler" Christie
Patrick "My other books have" Suskind
Steven "in the closet monster" King
Jack «Fuck GPS!» London
Frederick "You have something white under his nose" Beigbeder
Paolo 'Cause I deserve it! "Coelho
Howard "10 missed calls of Cthulhu", Lovecraft
Carlos "Eat more of these soft Mexican cacti but drink tequila" Castaneda
Erich "Maria" Remarque
George "Yes, I write, I write!" Martin
Terry "Death - it nyashnye" Pratchett
William "It is necessary to reduce the dose," Burroughs
Irwin "fucking Scotland" Welsh
Lewis' British mathematician Tales "Carroll
Ernest "Never write sober" Hemingway
Francis Scott "I'm not her relative" Fitzgerald
Hunter, "We were with him," Thompson
Friedrich "God is dead, and me something unhealthy" Nietzsche


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