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ESports is gaining increasingly popular among young and active gamers. Matches, tournaments, and a full-fledged world championship - all these events are covered on the portal It is constantly news and current events that will allow all interested parties to dive into the fascinating world of video games.


All the news in one mestiachala eSports eSports news in Ukraine, will help the active players to stay in Kusa-main event. The website presents current data from different areas of eSports. Carefully selected data is interesting to explore how athletes, and ordinary pelusiotes who are interested in the results of popular games. also, on the page, you can find popular reviews of matches.

Special attention deserves the exterior of the resource. The sleek design will attract the attention of the most demanding player. The site also is divided into separate sections. All they are focused under the site header. Thus, the user chooses the most interesting area. Developers carefully studying the data presented in order to improve the efficiency of this resource. At the same time, you can view new articles without doing pre-registration. Active players will also learn about new contests and games online. Access to the service is also open to pelusiotes mobile and tablet devices.


Nicknames and especially their vibratonal occur literally around the world, so the developers came up with a unique user identification system — nicknames. Of course, eSports has its heroes that are known worldwide. Their names are on everyone's lips. In this case, the player must pick up the sonorous name that will be easy to remember. In this case it is important originality, as the system simply will not allow to create multiple accounts with the same name. You need to come up with a nickname in advance, many players also use the abbreviated meaning of his name or surname. The portal is fashionable to obtain data about the peculiarities of compiling nicknames.

The advantages of using virtual resource:
  • only verified and relevant data in one place;
  • all articles are divided into several categories;
  • completely free access to all features of the portal;
  • timely updates;
  • the use of multiple sources helps to gather the most reliable data, which are so appreciated by professional gamers.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of eSports in a remote mode. All information is provided free of charge. The portal is periodically updated with current data.



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