For the freedom of Ukraine are ready to fight and die NATO officers

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NATO officers: "I am ready to fight and give their lives in the battle for freedom of Ukraine»

We met at "Facebook" - I wrote several statuses about the nature of possible hostilities in case of invasion of the Ukraine, and he responded. And two months we communicate almost every night on the internet. In the most critical moments of the events in Ukraine, he is not sleeping, reading our sites and watching our TV channels, writes and calls.

But I do not regret the time - an honor for me to communicate with him. He is a reserve officer in the armed forces of one of the brotherly Slavic countries belonging to NATO, a leading specialist in the preparation, organization and tactics of the military and police units. I will not mention his name - to advance the resonance has not made any surprises. In this interview for Tsenzor.Net we announce his visit to our authorities to take advantage of a professional to prepare a group of listeners, polygon, hold a working meeting. It can be a great fighter - but whether it should be used as a teacher and instructor. The day before yesterday, when he observed the deployment of Russian aggression in the East, and he called me to say - he travels to Ukraine to protect it in case of need, with arms in their hands. When I found out why, and what is his motivation, he said the words that I was deeply moved.

 - Tell me about your qualifications, please, who are you?

 - First of all, I - a patriot of his country, but in February of this year and also consider myself a patriot of Ukraine. Tell me about your qualifications. I am professionally engaged in military affairs, army reserve officer, born in 1975. Idle). Education - Higher humanitarian. Currently working on his thesis on training special forces troops to low intensity conflicts and peacekeeping missions. Covers modern aspects of fighting in a low intensity conflict, asymmetric methods of warfare, fighting in an urban environment. Something about my professional qualifications, except for course reserve army officer in the past, I was trained through exchange - training courses platoon commanders, US Marine Corps, several courses to prepare for participation in UN missions. Firearms are a hobby for me since youth. Seriously engaged in "combat" shooting and an expert on Small Arms. I am an instructor in the field gun, submachine gun, assault and sniper rifles, as well as instructor training snipers. Instructor combat work in low light conditions. I went through the whole 15 different courses in the field of methods of melee with firearms, tactics, individual actions and the actions of small groups in the United States, Israel, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Qualified more on combating improvised explosive devices in the past engaged in parachuting, received training divers with closed circuit apparatus. My Vacation - airsoft, hiking. Shoot, usually once a week - from various types of small arms. In addition, well speak in English and good in Russian.

 - Why are you so excited about the events in Ukraine that means to you Ukrainian revolution?

 - I mean, my country, all this - and the freedom and independence and accession to NATO and the European Union just presented. And you're fighting for freedom and dying for it in squares. For you, democracy - an informed choice, and for all those human rights that Europeans quietly enjoy without feeling their values, you, Ukrainians, gave important right - the right to life. What makes now the Ukrainian people - is unique in the 21st century. In Europe, this was the last time in Hungary in 1956. When shot Maidan 18 - February 20 I slept for 2-3 hours, and could not move away from the screen of Channel 5 and "Espreso TV».

- Freedom is the main meal for the person who has the will to be free and independent. This dish can not be bought - it can cook just for yourself. He who sacrifices freedom for the sake of peace, is not worthy to have neither one nor the other.

 - Are you ready to come to Ukraine, where, according to Russian media reports, now there is a war. Are not you afraid? (Collapse)

 - I decided to do it to the Ukrainians know how much it means your fight for the whole civilized world, and for democracy in Europe. I'm not a mercenary, now I take unpaid leave, I do not need the money. On the contrary, you know, I myself gave in support of the Maidan money from his salary. Yes, the boss looked at me strangely when I told him that I take vacation and go to the Ukraine, and that is my personal decision, without any financial incentives.
I have a normal salary, but unless we pay for living in? Honor, truth and freedom for man is incomparably more important. So what if I need the Ukraine ... I do not care what will happen to my career.

 - In the east and south of Ukraine are subversive groups, large-scale war yet. What would you advise to do in these circumstances?

 - War in the 21st century will not be carried out on the field and in the city. I am the author of the course of urban combat for our armed forces. The key to victory in modern warfare - light infantry and special forces. Ukraine needs to move past the army structure since the Soviet Union as the operational and tactical level. You must deploy the individual training courses fighters and lower tactical units - steam section, section, platoon, as is done in Europe and in the US. I often teach people "on the go", airsoft is constantly happening. I would like to help Ukraine to establish a system of training centers to implement the tactics of urban warfare, both among men and among Ukrainian Command special operations forces. I can personally prepare a group of trainers who will be able to organize such courses for mass training. I hope that it will be possible to organize a modern base in Ukraine, get the support of the state, because it requires special training fighters selection, accounting for and control over the moral and psychological qualities, personal history. Also needed materiel, weapons and other equipment. I organize courses for pilot training, over time will help to attract more trainers and we will implement the same methods as those used for the preparation of the special forces and the army in NATO.

 - Are you a representative of our fraternal Slavic people. How do you feel about the actions of the Russian state in Ukraine?

 - So, how does Russia today - this behavior is not the brotherly Slavic countries - is the behavior of the aggressor and occupier. By participating, I want to set an example to all Europeans and Slavs: the fate of Europe, our way of being addressed in the fields and in the cities of Ukraine. If we betray freedom and democracy in Ukraine, the day will come and we will lose it, and at home. Because the next victim after Ukraine becomes Eastern Europe. If today Europe surrenders Ukraine, tomorrow have to take Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic.

I am grateful to the Ukrainian people - you have restored my faith in the fact that even in the 21st century, freedom and independence for the person remains the most important value in life.

I want to help Ukrainians to stop the invasion of Russian troops. Democracy must be defended, democracy needs a professional army. Orwell once said - many sleep peacefully only because others are killed in the darkness. All my life I have been collecting knowledge, perhaps just for the day: to help free people in Ukraine to confront the "red plague».

 - Training courses are urgently needed, but that at any moment the whole of Ukraine can become a battlefield, and would no longer be to prepare ...

 - I thought a lot about it and decide. If there is a war and the Russian army invades Ukraine, I give up my citizenship and come to you do not care. If freedom in Europe must die in the 21st century - I would be honored to fight alongside Ukrainians, and if necessary - yes, I am ready to give their lives in the battle for freedom of Ukraine.

In the coming days, the officer arrives in Kiev.


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