Goodbye, NATO

France's withdrawal from the alliance could be the beginning of its collapse

In an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a well-known European politician, the leader of France's National Front of Marine Le Pen said that in case of victory in the upcoming presidential election will lead the country out of NATO. "We must admit that at the moment, France follows the line of NATO, - quotes the edition of Marine Le Pen. - If I am elected, I will bring France out of NATO. Because at the moment, France lost their own voice, we fully adjust to and execute the orders coming from Washington. Sometimes orders come from Berlin. France as it is stretched between the orders from Washington, that of Berlin.
 - Taking into account the fact that today France simply equal to the position of Washington there are serious concerns, as France could behave in a situation with Ukraine ».
It should be noted that, given the discontent of the French limp pro-American policies of President Francois Hollande, Marine Le Pen had a really good chance to become the new head of France. And c is the North Atlantic Alliance at Paris have always been very simple relationship. Is it possible, in principle, the French demarche? If possible, how this move will affect the future of NATO?
 - France has repeatedly behaved very freely against NATO - said Colonel-General, member of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov. - The country is coming out of the military structure of the block, to expel the headquarters of the organization from its territory. Anti-NATO sentiments are quite strong, both among the political community, as well as directly in military circles.
I have often observed that the French officers in the NATO official events are held apart. They often oppose retraction of France in NATO sorts of adventures.
The French do not like Americans. The history of this dislike leaves in the era of General de Gaulle, who sought to weaken US influence in France. Here is the "spirit of independence" from the Americans the French have not forgotten. And the fact that the last two presidents were completely pro-American causes discontent among a large part of French society. Therefore, Marine Le Pen does have a good chance to become the head of France. It is in this case can use an old recipe of De Gaulle's not breaking political ties with NATO to abandon the military co-operation with him.
"SP": - What will lose from this North Atlantic Alliance?
 - Recently I was informed that the European Commission recommended that the European banks to withdraw not only from Ukraine, but also from the Baltic states. This means that the major Western countries economically cast adrift its allies. And it certainly does not strengthen the position of NATO in Europe, and in particular, in the eastern part of it.

Marine Le Pen
In the case of withdrawal of France from the alliance, the main burden in the European segment of NATO will fall on Germany. We know that Germany has more than once tried to create some European security forces. And if before all these attempts were stopped by the US, now the outcome might be different. In any case, it is likely that NATO staggered.
After all, the alliance today - a tool of the global financial oligarchy. More and more people understand that a military monster like NATO, to protect against terrorist and other threats is not needed. In the world there is now the forces that want to occupy all of a sudden some Western countries. This realization will grow in Europe and in the United States. Many wonder: why do we need NATO? In general, France's withdrawal from the alliance can be primarily political blow.
"SP": - How can affect Ukrainian events in the fortress of NATO?
 - Americans are used after World War II to act on foreign soil, and often someone else's hands. They are happy to organize the war and the revolution away from its borders. Europeans understand that instability in Ukraine is interested in the United States. Thus, the Americans hope to embroil Russia and Ukraine. Yes, while still hamper economic cooperation between Russia and the EU.
But since the leadership of the majority of European countries takes explicitly pro-American position, they act on instructions from Washington - often to the detriment of the national interests of their own states.
 - France for about 30 years was not a military organization, NATO, - said the head of the editorial board of military ITAR-TASS Viktor Litovkin. - In terms of weakening the military potential of her new move is not much impact on the alliance. You can say that this decision will affect mainly in France. The main plus for the country - Washington will not be able to involve her more in its military adventures. France's foreign policy interests is mainly concentrated in Africa. At the same time France has to follow in the footsteps of the US and NATO, announced its sphere of interests of the whole world.
So the idea of ​​Marine Le Pen is understandable and justified. The only question is whether it will become president.
"SP": - Is it possible to say that such a loud statement of the popular European politician - alarm bell for NATO?
 - Of course, many European countries are dissatisfied with the organization. US to impose NATO, and through him, and the participating countries its policy, forced to act in line with it. But it is important to consider that not all European countries are ready to increase their military spending.
NATO today is pursuing an aggressive policy. First of all, in the information sphere. The US is trying to convince its European allies that Russia is a threat to them, which, of course, is untrue. Such information campaigns are conducted primarily to Europeans increased their defense spending.
We must also understand that NATO is a bureaucratic structure that is fighting for its existence. By and large, the alliance is a gathering of European bureaucrats sitting in Brussels. It is about 3, 5 thousand. Officers who live at the expense of good "company».

"SP": - That is, to abandon the "friendly assistance" NATO Europeans fail?
 - In the near future - not. I think only a serious crisis, which can be retracted alliance will force some countries to leave NATO. But, as we know from history, the organization prefers to deal with weak opponents, avoiding protracted bloody wars. Who fought NATO members? Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya ... The risk of losing a significant number of its soldiers in such operations was minimal. This small European countries are able to spend on the army 1-1, 5% of its budget. While outside the block they had to spend more than 2% of the state budget.
And the US, while, in fact, the owner of the NATO spent 4.5% of its GDP on military needs, while paying about 70% of all costs of NATO.
 - While talking about the collapse of NATO prematurely - said State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Vyacheslav Tetёkin. - Even in times of De Gaulle's France fully NATO did not come out. I think that Marine Le Pen, if it manages to become president, it is unlikely restarts his full cooperation with the alliance. The French have traditionally sought more independence from US policy than other Western European countries. They always liked to emphasize its peculiarity. So nothing unusual in the statement is not Le Pen.
Leading Western powers withdraw from NATO is not in a hurry. Another thing is that they are engaged in a kind of silent sabotage. I, as a member of the State Duma delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has repeatedly convinced that the member states of the alliance struggling to cut their defense spending. They refer to the difficult economic situation, while in the case of which rely on US military aid. Very convenient position.
With regard to NATO's "small things", the Baltic countries, for example, their meager state budgets do little to influence. At the same time they are the most ardent supporters of the United States. Especially in matters of anti-Russian propaganda. Baits will be held for NATO as long as possible.
"SP": - Now the US is trying to persuade France, like other member states, to the maximum sanctions against Russia. In particular, it is questionable supply Russian French helicopter carriers of the "Mistral". Perhaps the fear of losing a lucrative contract would be an additional incentive for withdrawal from NATO?
 - I do not think. With regard to the "Mistral", it's just different. France was in a silly situation. It is among the first to start yelling that Russia should be punished for "Crimea" sanctions. Hollande ran ahead of the engine, threatened to break the contract for helicopter carriers. But in this way the French risk punish themselves. Russia these "iron trough," as they are called sailors, especially not necessary. They do not fit in our defense doctrine, because we do not intend to carry out large-scale amphibious operations. And if France refuses to sell us something no one else had almost finished the trial did not buy it. The United States, the only potential buyer, its lack helicopter carriers.
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