Home alone: 8 famous writers-J. D. Salinger

Many famous writers have found the burden of fame and public attention too heavy. They deliberately closed off from the world, fully devoting themselves to the work. We chose 8 the most well-known writers who refused publicity in favor of peace and solitude.

Salinger left behind a relatively modest literary legacy only one novel and 17 stories. On the publication of all his early works were banned, and later no one showed. The more mass there was the success of "the catcher in the rye", the more the author moved away from the world. In 1965 it ceased to be published and closed in his mansion in the town of Cornish, new Hampshire. There he spent his time, an introduction to Eastern spiritual practices, alternative medicine, wrote only for myself and occasionally broke the silence to through lawyers to besiege another biographer or copycat. In 1980, he stopped giving interviews. Before the student Shirley Blaney was able to talk with the writer and publish your material in a local newspaper. Salinger was furious. Later, he through court has achieved the prohibition of the use of his correspondence as material for a biography (the most interesting admirers learned from the meeting minutes) and struggled with the sequels of his main works. According to the memoirs of Salinger's daughter, after his death were piles of manuscripts and several finished novels that may never be published.

Interview with the author of the classic work "to Kill a Mockingbird" for the "new York times" has been called "Talkative for a day" (the text, incidentally, highlighted the wit and charm of the writer). After 1960, the book became a bestseller and won the Pulitzer prize, Harper Lee began politely, but very strongly to refuse to communicate with journalists. She prefers to maintain silence at all public events in which she has to participate. So, in 2007 on a ceremony in his native Alabama, Harper Lee has refused to give a speech to the audience, noting that "being silent is better than to be a fool."

The author of perhaps the most complex and mysterious American novels of the twentieth century in all his life he gave one interview right after the release of the debut book V., it happened in 1969. The National book award for "gravity's Rainbow" in 1973 it was taken by another man. The appearance of Pynchon is known for several jammed, monochrome photographs, and it seems quite happy. Recently one of the most secretive writers of America agreed to only one public appearance, and the virtual, in the animated series "the Simpsons." In one episode, he appears with a question mark and a bag over his head.

It is not known what prompted the poet Dickinson to voluntary seclusion and psychological problems, strict religious upbringing or the loss of loved ones — sometimes in separation, and sometimes death. The last two decades of her life she has not left the family nest, talking to visitors through a closed door, treats the neighbor's children lowered in a basket through a window of the second floor and listened to the funeral of his father without leaving their own bedrooms. Of 1800 of her poems was published 8. Most of my friends knew that Dickinson exclusively by correspondence. Virtuoso verses about death, it was known for its almost absolute loneliness in life.

Until the age of 30 is extremely sensitive, nervous and vulnerable people maintained many social contacts, but after his death in 1903, his father, and then in 1905 — mother health writer deteriorated. With 9 years Proust suffered from a severe form of asthma and after weight loss almost stopped leaving the house, devoting himself entirely to writing. He locked himself in the Studio, do not miss the sunlight — with tightly closed shutters, he struggled with his illness. The walls of his bedroom was lined with cork and didn't miss a single sound from the street. Visiting him one day, Leon-Paul Fargues was amazed at the pallor of the writer and the icy cold of his hands. Proust worked nights and one day wrote three days without stopping — he was so passionate about their craft. At the meeting with James Joyce, two living classics never managed to talk normally. "It was hopeless, recalled Joyce — Proust's day was just beginning, and I have sought to end."

McCarthy's first book came out in 1965, but the fame he acquired after the publication of the novel "horses, Horses" in 1992. the Product was awarded the National book and the Guild of American critics. In the same year, McCarthy gave an interview to "new York times" and then kept silent for 15 years, not taking part in the literary life, not organizing readings, most of the time even without having your own agent. In 2005 he published the book "the Old men" 2006 — "the Road", for which McCarthy was awarded the Pulitzer prize. Both novels were extremely well filmed and paved the way for him on the Oprah Winfrey show, where the writer tried to politely answer the questions of the presenter and, apparently, feel very uncomfortable. However, McCarthy has always been recognized that even the company of his colleagues, he prefers the company of scientists.

Influential Austrian novelist and playwright has always maintained a very low opinion about the possibility of a trusting relationship between people. A sensitive loner, the enemy is any falsehood and insincerity, he almost never left his house is a fortress located somewhere in the Austrian wilderness, and only rarely appeared at public events, usually with a scandal, or an angry rebuke. Denouncing in his works of public institutions and triumphant around the injustice, in his will, he forbade to put their plays, and to print books in Austria. Later this prohibition clumsily walked, creating a Society of Thomas Bernhard in charge of his literary heritage. Life Bernhard suffered from tuberculosis and its complications. The only person that cared Bernhard, was his life partner — his senior by 30 years, first met in the year of death of the mother of the writer. One of the main books in the works of Bernhard, published in 1983, was called "Lost", but about the writer's death, reported after his funeral.

Renowned Russian writer so rarely gives interviews, many people have started to doubt its existence as such — there is a theory that under the name of Pelevin has a team of authors. Pelevin is not satisfied with the readings and never appears in public, preferring anonymous communication on the Internet. Being a supporter of Buddhism, he declares his indifference to fame and public recognition, arguing that too much information only distracts from the work. Almost all the photographs Pelevin wears sunglasses — for it is supposedly the only way "to be photographed without being photographed." At the beginning of zero was known that Pelevin lived with his mother in Moscow and traveled extensively, including Germany, South Korea, Japan and China.published

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