Offices of famous personalities

You probably ever been wondering how to create great works of literature and all sorts of ingenious inventions. Today I have prepared for you a selection of photos of famous personalities desktops, which still reflects the personality of their owners. And some of these rooms would you prefer for yourself? Pablo Picasso, the artist

Steve Jobs, an entrepreneur

Martin Luther King, Jr. politician

Marc Chagall, an artist

Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion designer

Mark Twain, writer

Leo Tolstoy, the writer

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, musician and artist

Stephen King, writer

Charlotte Bronte, author

Albert Einstein, the scientist

Alexander Calder, the sculptor

George Bernard Shaw, playwright

Rudyard Kipling, writer

Jane Austen, author

Francis Bacon, the artist

Ernest Hemingway, writer

Paul Cezanne, artist

John Updike, writer

Virginia Woolf, author

Alvin Brooks White, American writer

Roald Dahl children's writer

Joan MirĂ³, abstract artist

William Buckley, writer and columnist

Jackson Pollock, the artist

Mark Rothko, the artist

Charles Darwin, the scientist



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