The last words of famous personalities

Steve Jobs, an entrepreneur, the founder of the corporation Apple
Wow. Wow. Wow! »

Raphael, the painter

Gustav Mahler, composer
Gustav Mahler died in his bed. In the last minutes of his life he felt that he conducts the orchestra and his final words were: "Mozart!»

Bessie Smith, singer
"I'm leaving, but I'm in the name of the Lord».

Jean-Philippe Rameau, composer
The dying composer did not like what the priest sings hymns at his deathbed, he said: "Why the hell did I do these songs, Father? You're a fake! »

Frank Sinatra, singer
"I'm losing it».

George Orwell, author
"At fifty everyone has the face he deserves." Orwell died at the age of 46.

Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher, writer
In the last moments of his life, Sartre, referring to his mistress, Simone de Beauvoir, he said: "I love you, my darling Beaver».

Nostradamus, physician, alchemist, astrologer
Dying words of a thinker, like many of his statements proved prophetic: "Tomorrow at dawn, I'm gone." The prediction came true.

Vladimir Nabokov, author
In addition to literary work, Nabokov was interested in entomology, in particular - the study of butterflies. His last words were: "Something which has soared Butterfly».

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France
Stepped on the foot the executioner, who led her to the scaffold, the Queen said with dignity: "Excuse me, sir. I did not mean ».

Sir Isaac Newton, physicist, mathematician
"I do not know how I perceived the world. I myself always seemed a little boy playing on the seashore, and entertain themselves looking for beautiful stones and shells, while the great ocean of truth lay undiscovered before me ».

Leonardo da Vinci, thinkers, scientists, artists
"I have offended God and mankind because in his work I have not reached the heights to which sought».

Richard Feynman, physicist, writer
"Dying is boring».

Benjamin Franklin, politician, diplomat, scientist, journalist
When the daughter asked the ailing 84-year-old Franklin to go a different way, it was easier to breathe, the old man, in anticipation of a quick end, said peevishly: "Dying does not come easy».

Charles "Lucky" Luciano, the gangster
Luciano died during the filming of a documentary film dedicated to the Sicilian Mafia. His dying words were: "Anyway, I want to go to the movies." Last wish fulfilled mafia - based on the life of Luciano filmed several feature films and documentaries, he was one of the few gangsters, died a natural death.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author
The creator of Sherlock Holmes, died in his garden of a heart attack at age 71. His last words were addressed to his beloved wife: "You are wonderful," - he said the writer died.

William Claude Fields, the comedian, actor
Dying, the great American told his mistress Carlotta Monti: "Cursed be the Lord the whole damn world and everyone in it except you, Carlotta».

Percy Grainger, pianist, composer
On his deathbed, the last time the composer confessed to his wife: "You are the only one I wanted».

Oscar McIntyre, a journalist
When one of the most talented American journalists early XX century was dying, he asked his wife, who looked away, unable to see the agony of her husband: "My curious, turn here, please. I like to admire you ».

John Wayne, the actor
Before you die, 72-year-old actor, who is known as the "King of westerns," I found the strength for the last time to explain to his wife in love, "I know who you are. You're my girl, I love you ».

Ernest Hemingway, writer
July 2, 1961 Hemingway said, referring to his wife: "Goodnight, Kitten." Then he went to his room, and a few minutes later his wife heard a loud popping sound - the writer killed himself shot in the head.

Eugene O'Neill, playwright, writer
In the last minutes of life O'Neill said: "I knew it! I knew it! Born in the hotel and dying hell in a hotel! "Eugene O'Neill was born in a hotel room at the Broadway Hotel October 16, 1888, and died at the Boston, 27 ноября 1953.

Josephine Baker, the dancer, singer, actress
Josephine Baker was able to have fun. All her life she gave people the joy of music and dance, and on the last night of his life, leaving with another party, this extraordinary woman said goodbye to the guests: "You are young, and behave like an old man. You are boring ».

Groucho Marx, comedian, actor
"Did not you live».

Leonard Marx, comedian, actor, brother Groucho Marx
Before his death, one of the famous fellow comedians recalled his wife, "Honey, do not forget what I asked you. Put into my coffin of a deck of cards and a pretty blonde ».

Wilson Mizner, playwright and entrepreneur
When located on a last gasp Wilson with the words: "You probably want to talk to me?" - Approached the priest, Misner, known for his sharp tongue, said: "Why should I talk to you? I just talked to your superiors ».

Alfred Hitchcock, film director, master of suspense
"Nobody knows what will be the ending. To know exactly what will happen after death, to die, although the Catholics on this subject have any hope ».

Peter "Pistol Pete" Maravich, basketball
Great American athlete collapsed with a heart attack right in the basketball game, having only say: "I feel great».

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the revolutionary, one of the founders of the Soviet Union
Before his death, Lenin, referring to a favorite dog, which brought him the dead bird, said: "This is a dog».

Sir Winston Churchill, politician and British Prime Minister
"What I do is tired».

Joan Crawford, actress
Being one foot in the grave, Joan asked the housekeeper, reads a prayer: "Damn it! Do not you dare ask God to help me! »

Bo Diddley, singer and founder of the rock 'n' roll
The famous musician died while listening to a song Walk Around Heaven authored by American singer Patti LaBelle. According to eyewitnesses, before his death Diddley said, "Wow!»

Emily Dickinson, poet
"I have to log in to the fog lifted».

Joseph Henry Green, the surgeon
In the last minutes of the life of the doctor checked his pulse. The last thing he said was: "Stop».



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