If you have a dog

You offended if guests are asked to remove dog

In your home an incredible amount of toys, bones, tweeters

You have become accustomed to sleeping on the edge of the bed

"Yesterday was a barbecue, the whole evening watching a picture»
How many would not wash the mirror and glass, still divorced from saliva

You know the neighbors dogs are better than their own

Your dog eats better than you

You have become accustomed to the hair on the furniture, your clothes, and indeed the entire

The house sometimes there are new items

Have you always buy toys, expensive bedding, knowing that they did not need

Do you really think your child pet

You immediately have to imagine people who have a dog

And you wary of people who say they do not like dogs

Sometimes you like to read your pet notation

Are you pleased that your pet like strangers, and some even offer treats

You wet nose pet wakes at 6:30 am

You are not so frustrating death of the hero of the film, as the death of his four-legged friend

"When I see dogs»

* During the salute
 - Rimbaud, my friend, how are you?
 - Fool, crawl under the sofa! Came the end of the world! I'll specifically left the place, you're my best friend and I love you!

Away you do not leave a slight feeling of anxiety when left food on the table

You are always ready to help homeless dogs

Your dog gets gifts for the holidays, as well as other family members - in a gift box with a bow and

Drooling already ceased to annoy

Your family know if you come to visit, it is only with the pet

Often, referring to a dog, you say the words to spell

"5 months have not seen your pet, yesterday spoke with him on Skype. Mom sent this image, after the completed video call »

Your loved one is sometimes jealous of you to the dog

Dog - your best friend, a therapist and your trustee

Despite the wool razgryzennuyu furniture, shoes, you know that a dog makes you incredibly happy

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