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Almost classical AXES TREELINE OUTDOORS With Leather Cases

The Canadian company Treeline Outdoors first year on the market and it is very honored enjoy a wildlife, picnics and other outdoor grows for quality classic accessories, whether it's clothes, camping equipment or sharps.


Shelf with a secret compartment for storing weapons

They are an excellent alternative for safe weapons. It looks like a stylish wooden shelves for books, but it is necessary in certain places to install two magnetic key, click on the little panel at the bottom and eyes appear large storage tank machine gun, spare clips and other useful things for the brutal man. The basic material used pine or poplar, and inside - polyurethane foam with memory, which can easily hold suspended military toys. For smooth opening shelves with heavy accessories meet the pneumatic loop, plus you can order the installation of lights inside. The choice of the model with the dimensions 63 x 20 5, 3 x 3 cm, 8 106, 7 x 30 3 5 x 8 cm.


Battery Extender joystick PlayStation and XBox.

After all, every man in the soul of a little child, and someone just bitter gamers.



Before us is a real survival kit, which can not only dig and build a fire, rowing a boat to navigate the terrain, to open canned food, glass break, chop, chop, cut. In older versions of added bits for screwdrivers, wrenches, ice-ax, hook, harness, whistle, parachute cord, flashlight and bag-cover color khaki. Length built up by spades cheat on each other hollow sections that act as guardians of tools and small things. Excellent piece for active lifestyles.


Portable folding. Just in case of fire biggrin.gif

This is a great option if you kicked the woman for lovers of hiking, trekking and gulyanok in nature with an overnight stay and not only. When folded, the product takes up no more than a sleeping pad and weighs less than 2 kg. But in the unfolded it becomes a full-fledged cot, capable of supporting the carcass weight up to 150 kg, inclusive. He assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes, and I think it is an excellent replacement for every inflatable mattress or sleeping pad, if you spend the night outdoors.


Beat with a handle in the shape of an ax

Baseball have not really held in high esteem, but people barely play, but I'm looking at the bat as a good weapon for self-defense. Axe Bat is suitable in any situation and the traditional bits, it is particularly in the form of an ax handle, which allows you to hold the stick harder and better control it. Suitable for all situations in baseball, and for self-defense and punish misbehaving people. The models made of composite material, wood and alloy with the price from $ 60 to $ 300.




Velofonar with integrated laser for fans to travel on two wheels.

Bike lights very bright light (300 lumens), giving an adequate flow of light to comfortably move in complete darkness, even on rough terrain. In addition, using a laser, he projects onto the asphalt riding cyclist icon. So drivers see in advance what is going behind fellow two-wheeled transport. Especially useful in situations such lamp when the car leaves the side of the alley. The developers of this miracle argue that the lamp is able to prevent a lot of accidents and save lives cyclists. Do not believe them reasons not. The accessory is really useful and are known to all simply brilliant. The lantern is made of aluminum and is waterproof to a depth of a meter and at maximum brightness is able to work up to two hours. In economy mode (100 lumens) autonomy increases to 4, 5 hours.


Folding Bucket And rybalochku go and the car wash.

In general, folding household items are very useful, especially when traveling on a picnic. By this I think that is an accessory that accommodates the way 7, 5 liters of water, if it is possible to open, but if you wish you can make a bucket more compact, not revealing all sections - all four options available, should be in any self-respecting man.


Darth Vader Toaster for fans of "Star Wars»

Functionally, it is a classic device for toasting bread, which simultaneously makes two of toast, but they are unusual. In each, the two sides, there is a classical inscription «Star Wars». I have not mentioned that the toaster itself is shaped like the head of Darth Vader? Well, this gadget to decorate the kitchen any fan of the Jedi and the Force.


A glass of beer and shots.

The idea of ​​a double container delicious drinks found its use. The first coffee, but the second - for beer and all delicious al * bare, preferably vigorous shots. And for shots even have a mark - just put just two. Flips the glass - and here's container 0, 5 beers. Made from high quality glass accessory, but it is desirable to wash hands in the dishwasher may crack.


Lanyards with flint

In what would be in the wild mess you may hit, even if the path has lost his backpack, was soaked to the skin, and, in general, remained only with shoes, clothes and so any small change in their pockets, you'll be able to provide itself with fire. Laces made of parachute cord 550 may act as strong as rope, and - attention! - Flint. The fact that the ends of each lace embedded 2, 5-centimeter sterzhenek - rub it over and rub against the steel will get a fire.



Portable Washer

In any journey, most people from time to time vzmokaet, sweats and as a result, clothing becomes not very pleasant smell. If staying at the hotel, you can order laundry, but fun is not cheap, either wash your hands, which is not very effective, but is also an option. Everything becomes much more difficult while hiking through forests and gullies. Here in these conditions becomes a real laundry, I'm sorry, hemorrhoids. On the other hand, you just have to have the right tools. In this case, the rescue Scrubba. It is the smallest washing machine in the world and it is naturally portable. To wash this accessory you do not need batteries or power socket. Suffice it to pour into the special bag 3-4 liters of water, add detergent, whether powder or liquid, to throw the clothes (a couple triple shifts underwear, socks, T-shirts, shorts, sweat pants), then roll up and fasten the valve to release excess air and you can begin to wear off. Inside the bag is built flexible washboard, you're just rubbing it on their belongings, exerting little effort (with delicate fabrics need to be careful), then poured water poloschesh clothes and hang it to dry. For 30 seconds, you get rid of washing your things from odors, dust and stains easily. A work for three minutes is comparable to machine wash. Accessory weighs just 140 grams and costs $ 55. For $ 90 you can order a kit with a special towel for quick drying and rope on suckers. It seems to me, is a great, and occasionally indispensable accessory for frequent travelers enthusiasts.


Blanket with a sheet on klёpkah not to obscure the bed.

Blanketed bed in the morning is very lazy, but if you prefer to use a duvet cover instead of traditional cotton bed sheet with a thick duvet on top, was still in the process of sleep often occur incidents. For example, smooching in a sheet that restrict movement and adversely affects the quality of sleep. But the solution is simple - to connect a sheet and blanket. This is accomplished by conventional buttons. As the main material used high-quality cotton with a density tkni 300TC. Great bachelor decision, as in the morning we just exactly lay on the bed quilt that will take a few seconds rather than tinkering with the first sheet, that the long and tedious.


Pocket torch lighters out of the ordinary

Simple lighter to kindle the fire is not very comfortable, especially in the wind. It is better to use something like a pocket torch. Although, you could kind of burner and turn the plastic lighter for 10 rubles, and even increase its fuel efficiency by 60%. For this purpose there is a special accessory called Soto Pocket Torch. You simply insert into the cigarette lighter, snap-on lid and you press a button to give a strong tongue of flame temperatures up to 1300 ° C, which is not afraid of the wind. It can be used for kindling fire, igniting a gas camp stoves and other useful activities. It seems to me, in the campaign is an essential thing.


Flat bottles MEMOBOTTLE for accurate BAGS

Usually the type of messenger bags in which you are to drag your favorite laptop, notebook, tablet and smartphone with a purse, they are flat. Accordingly, squeeze in her usual liter bottle of water is problematic - the bag puffs strongly, the capacity simply did not fit.




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