If you do not have men...

When women start whining that no man, I always want to ask two things. First, where are you, lady, last, then Delhi? Somehow I doubt that the terms of all virgins. And second: here's this guy there – he what? And it's usually this type of poor woman to wear nothing. Well, that is a closet full of stuff? Nothing to wear. Wah. Wah. Actually, with regard to search and seizure of men, stupid it's not tricky. And cockroaches in my head do you want to do?

I have a friend that constantly complains about the lack of men. Under her Windows – small-billiard club. And it works piarschitsa elite cigar lounge. Where tightly Packed uncles smoke a Cuban cigar under a ten-year whisky. Than to help her – really don't know.


"Enough from time to time to make large eyes, breathe and wonder," ... how did you know?..""

Well, okay. Cockroaches in my head will poison then. But let's start with the most interesting. Here's to you — the secret of the capture of any man, regardless of income level, boast, intelligence, age, and marital status. Suitable for any woman, even if she's old, ugly and stupid.

Necessary and sufficient: to find out what this man spends energy. What really invests. And to start that I sincerely admire, no matter what garbage you it seemed. And regardless of the achieved results in this field. All. Your power over him is absolute. He will leave you and the family – to you. You will be for him only, even if he is polygamous, as March cat. And all your Boobs, makeup, and home Economics – this is the second time. Optional.

Since this text is written specifically for women, explain with specific examples. Here runs the guy with bulging eyes, talking on three phones at the same time, dressed weird and contradictory. For example, in superexpensive shoes and the shirt that mom gave. He's a businessman. It is their business lives. He puts his soul. It turns out or not – second question. So. We find out about his business all in principle able to understand. A lot of time will not take.

For example, he pours water in bottles. Buy a bottle of water competitor. Waiting for the moment when his phones shut up. SIP some water and lightly licking his lips, wondering: "Oh, and I hear you about the water-everyone knows Me here... recommended..." Then it is enough from time to time to make large eyes, breathe and wonder, " ... how did you know?.."

For blondes: if the trade is not water, and for example, a gasoline, then you are recommended to refuel at a competing gas station. If building a home – you are looking for an apartment. If the financier advise you any, excuse the expression, investment tools. Etc.

Then timidly ask permission to consult with him from time to time. And you are lost without it. Not too often fall in his eyes or pozvanite. When you feel his interest – collapse for some time without explanation. From time to time look at it as if his fly or he farted. Then again admire. Three or four passes, and he's yours.

And now a little more complicated. Here comes another uncle. All so sleek in a suit from Brioni. This is a top Manager. He goes to work, because where you figure he is going anywhere. And forbid you to him about the work to speak. If you don't want to be he, too, hated or really sold you some garbage.

There will have the intelligence to hold a little deeper. We also need to understand what it really is invested, remember? Maybe he's secretly from everyone in the garage collects retro-mobility from the grandfather's "Victory". That garage begin your novel. Or interested in fine art photography. Do you know where the awesome views, only one to climb scary. Or a jig saw to cut in the end. Let you also teach. Further still according to the same scheme: kind of appear, then disappear, then admire, then pour contempt (but in no case do not Express contempt aloud – it needs all the time to doubt, does not find him).

Well, now – why you all this guys will not help. Because men are not, as we all know. Normal, at least. Well, really, the unicorn is easier to find, or there is a Griffin than a normal guy, as it currently is sredniowiecza woman. This normal guy – some kind of fantastic creature. A mixture of my mother's delusions, the madness of the women's courses and novels plus your individual hallucinations.

First, he must love you. In the language of the majority of women this means to give you as much attention as possible. Very interesting and significant that as soon as some idiot decided to be a good, begins to do so – a woman instantly loses interest in him. Because the man from the boy differs, for him there are things much more important than women. His case. Of his entertainment. His war. If men only those involved, with loving eyes listened to women's delusions, all the women would have long died from starvation or were captured as concubines neighboring tribes.

Second, it needs more of you. To see in you Person. Equal must be a partnership. Since this text is written specifically for women, it's just now I am struggling to translate from the Mat to the Russian language. How can I explain this... the Idea of equality is contrary to nature itself. Technique of sexual intercourse if you want. Yes indeed, in modern society, a woman can be, figuratively speaking, above. It happens in most cases.

The vast majority of modern men their power in the family delegate to the woman completely voluntary, because they were taught mother. Then, ladies, and use this power. Wise and feminine as the Empress Catherine II (read, by the way, her letters to their favorites instead of stupid women's magazines). But keep in mind: a man, even if he is a millionaire or a General of the FSB, you have a hamstring shaking will not. Will not you truly respect. But freedom and equality, and it is you – perceptibly equitable.

Another variant is extremely rare. It is a man in the classic sense of the word. He was no gentleman and no knight without fear and without dill. Rather, in the modern sense, bastard. Because you are for him – just no people. But something like cats. A cat can love and care for it, to whack with a slipper, or even to put on the bed. But to consider her opinion – idiocy. The man makes decisions for himself. For him there are many things more important than you. Yes, it is man, real, without impurities. But you grew up on hamburgers. The taste of the meat you may not like it. And most importantly – you're a man why are your cockroaches?

That is: in the family, a woman can play the role of either dominant or subordinate. But equality can not be. This is contrary to the fundamental laws of the universe. Accordingly, there are only two types of men: some are ready to obey you, others will obey you. Decide what you need and stop trying to smear cake mustard.


And thirdly, he must love only you and you only and other pink snot. Yes indeed, the world is completely monogamous pairs. Which don't need anybody else. There are very few. And why did you decide that this is about you? To begin, make sure: are you a virgin? If not, then what kind of monogamy can be a speech?

Ah, it's the mistakes of youth? I now always occupied with the question: how much m-m-m... errors a decent woman ceases finally to be a decent girl. From some of the ladies I heard that the main thing was not the two simultaneously. So, during the transition period? When some, as you say, is completed and others just beginning?

No, we're not judging anyone. We're actually not to face. We on the other: maybe after all, it was not an error, but a pattern? You elementary need a lot of men – good and different? Not only for sex, but in General. For communication. That were circling around, emphasis supplied (read – energy). And a real man all your "just friends" paraphonic to hell. It is necessary to you?

Maybe a good girl – it's still not you? And as you can?! Here there are such animals – hippos. They're monogamous. Making a choice once the Behemoth whole life in love with one Hippo. And there are bears. So they have female polygamy. That is, the female seeks to mate with the maximum number of males. And that Hippo is a good girl and bear is bad?

So human beings are slightly more complicated than a bear or a Hippo. Within the same species may be different scenarios of sexual behavior. And your own script you sewed, and you know him well. Maybe from the mom's point of view or a progressive-minded ladies psichologine, he is wrong. But he is your. The main thing – not to try to do right, and it turned out as always. You cannot imagine what a funny-looking aunt thirties, three times divorced, with a child, when he wants to be a good girl.


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And finally. If still found. So as not to muck. Especially for You – the Secret hold of the man that you captured using the previous Secret. Baba Yaga, remember? You're a good fellow, feed, drink, bath paper, and then ask.

This means: the man came home – and no need to rush nor caresses, nor with the problems. Let them eat. Let her lie den (if den no equip now!). Do not go meddle and children. You don't worry, he will come out. There will come a boar in mud. That's when you can talk, ask and you shall receive. Because nothing enrages a man, as the phrase is, "I don't pay attention".published


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