A startup will teach the drones to communicate with pedestrians

The American company Drive.ai created a system by which machines, equipped with systems of Autonomous management will be able to interact with other road users, e.g. pedestrians.

The system consists of sensors, of the computer assess the situation on the road, and also installed on the roof of the car led screen. It is the display electronics of the vehicle can transmit information to the neighbors in the thread. In particular, show text messages, for example, to permit pedestrians to cross the road, or emoji icons.

In addition to indicating light, cars with systems from Drive.ai can warn other traffic participants by means of sound signals. The sounds, referred to as safety sounds, collected into a single library.

The Company Drive.ai has already received permission to test such systems on public roads in California. Startup gonna run the tests together with the companies providing courier services.

Earlier it became known that Google had also taught their prototypes of unmanned vehicles interact with other road users. In particular, the machines learned to recognize the gestures of cyclists and emit a warning beep. published


Source: motor.ru/news/2016/08/31/driveai/


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