Radio-electronic guns to attack the drones become more sophisticated

In October last year the company created Battelle DroneDefender, radio-electronic cannon that shoots down drone powerful signal. Scope of the gun is quite extensive - it drones flying over nuclear power already, military installations, stadiums during competitions and in other places where they can be downright dangerous. In addition, drones and use as spy equipment.

That is why several companies are building systems to neutralize the drones. One of the systems - it is said radio-electronic gun DroneDefender. Now with the help of guns around the drone can create a radio quiet zone, interrupting the flow of signals for the operator. In addition, the system prevents drone positioned by GPS or GLONASS signals. Powered gadget at a distance of 400 meters. This year there was also a new system - "gunĀ» Dronebuster, developed by Flex Force. The company said that they began to develop a device as soon as drones, have begun to interfere with the fire in California.

This is how the first version DroneDefender:

This is not a concept but a real device that is already being used by some government agencies. Valid device like this as DroneDefender, creating a powerful noise throughout the radio spectrum around the drone. But this is a "smart" device that can determine the type of signal transmitted by the drone. Plus, Dronebuster much smaller competitor.

An enhanced version of Dronebuster capable not only interfere with, but after a drone type of signal analysis to file "flying home" team, or "land." "Pistol" sends in automatic mode commands for multiple drone systems in looped mode, which allows you to choose the right team that drone and performs. To make the system more secure interrupt GPS and GLONASS signals becomes possible only after the installation of a special card. A map provides only government organizations.

If the Federal Communications Commission will approve the device, soon in the hands of law enforcement officials and may appear different Dronebuster model. It may well be that this type of device will appear on the black market.



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