The UAE has designed the world's first drone for fighting fires in skyscrapers

Students of the University of science and technology, Emirate of Ajman has designed the world's first UAV for fire-fighting in skyscrapers. The interest of the UAE authorities in such developments are clear: the number of skyscrapers in this Arab country several times higher than in other countries in the region.


Since there is a clear trend to increase the size of skyscrapers and their height, emergency services is becoming increasingly difficult to do their job. Enough minor accident in the water in case of fire, to the flames destroyed the entire skyscraper! According to the newspaper the National, with such threats in the future will be to fight fire drones. The latest development in this direction suggested that Emirati students. According to them, even if one of the apartments of the skyscraper will light the tablecloth on an oval table, the UAV will be able to calm the riot of fire.

The experimental device is on Board a special system of auto pilot and could operate without commands of the operator. The navigation module allows you to bind a drone to a specific point or area on the map and even to arrange for the patrols. The UAV is able to transmit high-resolution emergency services, to enable them to further control its operation and to decide on further action in a particular emergency situation.

In the equipment of the apparatus also includes a night vision device that allows him to operate in conditions of high smoke for half an hour. The device has a rather compact size, so it can perfectly fit in the vehicle crew rescue services. The fire drone is controlled by a mobile app that facilitates its use and does not require special training of the operator.



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