And Good Girls with a Bad history

The way of man, struggling seeking to live the higher laws of the soul, not always filled with mere beauty, ease and joyful events.

It is often a winding and bumpy, full of mistakes and unforeseen circumstances, sometimes there is a feeling that the fate of more sophisticated checks going to fidelity to those principles that were selected as vital reference points.

Unfortunately, the identification of the path and walking on it is one of the major causes of the deep crises in the lives of many people, and it looks something like this: if I'm a good person, then everything in my life I should be fine and without any errors, but if I have somewhere something is not as expected or want, so I must be a bad person. Do not jump to conclusions.



Since childhood we used to receive praise for high grades in school, good behavior, correct answers at the Board, home help and other "beacons", which signaled to us that everything is going well, love us, accept, we're safe, and within the parental family and the school system, this principle works every time — be good and life will answer you the same.

The consequences of the opposite principle, we are also familiar with the same childhood you behave badly, you will blame, punish, reject, and it's all very unsafe.

The punishments and rewards of different children are different, but in General, the mechanism is clear: be good and you will have a good life, be bad, life is also spoiled.

What happens next?

As we Mature and begin to deal with people and events outside the parental family and the school educational system, and it is here that we face a big trap! The mechanism starts to operate in the opposite direction, the same identification, but from the outside inwards. If I have everything in life "good" (family, children, car, apartment, cottage, holiday as it should be twice a year, etc.), so I must be a very good and decent man, and if something goes wrong, how things "should" (business problems, child growing up without a father or mother, the divorce happened, quarreled with loved ones, family cannot be created, etc.) I "bad" and not worthy of the light of the sun, and the contemplation of the starry sky on a moonlit night.


Booga booga! Alohomora! Carp Retractum! Dis-identification, occured! Enough already as small children!

You are you, and what is around is what around. Yes, it is clear that the external is a reflection of the internal, but also the wisdom to us comes not immediately, and without skinned knees are unlikely to walk normally learn. If in life something went wrong, as we would like, it is just a signal to send to that part of your attention, not run from where you are needed most.

The more I work and interact with women, the more I'm seeing stories about good girls who something went wrong and now they believe that they lived the wrong way, made a lot of mistakes and they have no forgiveness. And the worst thing is that not only they can not be forgiven, but everyone else around is also no forgiveness, and no forgiveness to parents, and former men and children, and friends, and a lot of people.

You know, and good girls bad history, that's what is important! And "bad" girls, to be honest, all those "good"... just a little sick and did not want to admit it, to begin to heal. Most of our problems is not due to evil fate and insurmountable life circumstances, and lack of necessary knowledge and skills.

In modern society there is a huge gap, downright system failure in the area of family relationships. Divorce, costs, conflicts with relatives, children out of wedlock, a monstrous number of abortions, nevalennyi injury early period of development and thousands of sad stories yeah gutted destinies — this is the result of an ignorant attitude towards family traditions and values, the consequence of a sharp decline in the level of culture, of spiritual degradation and of the very "freedoms" in manners and behavior, which led to what we have today.


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"If there are no higher principles that govern freedom, such freedom becomes arbitrariness", and the only way out of this situation — it is an independent filling of the gaps and a great zeal to live my life full and meaningful.published


Author: Dean Richards


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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