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Usually a strong connection with someone from the entourage of people mean unique experience which was not with others. You've probably seen the phrase "I've never done that before," "she me so much feels, it's just a space", "first time I meet a man with whom so much in common, such as he is no longer in the world", and sometimes "with his wife in fifteen years of marriage nothing like this has happened, and that girl from the first seconds felt a connection, it's just something from past lives", "we have a strong inexplicable connection, with my husband not there."

Then start assumptions, fate or no fate, it would be like this forever or temporarily, many lives it will last or first what to do with the fact that there is a connection or not, conversations about the power of communication, the uniqueness of the fates and all other matters of the heart.

Yes, let's talk about relationships, but I, as usual, with his prosaico come to you, because it continues to believe that the decor need to be addressed only after thoroughly laid the Foundation and built a house. By the way, here is an example of a suitable building subjects — bricks.

So, imagine two bricks that are closely related to each other by the force of circumstances, for example, a child something he took and put them side by side. Unexpectedly, right?! There was no communication, was not, and here again it appeared. Destiny? It may well be.

If the bricks are put to each other the biggest party, the relationship seems as strong if you touch the sides it is less, is not particularly strong, but still there. The bricks can build a wall, columns, different figures, but to touch and keep the connection they can only when they are on a stable horizontal surface the type of ground, Foundation, Board of some kind, or something like that.

But if this design gets on an inclined plane, how long will it last? Most likely, once you begin to break down, because the external conditions have changed, and what happens? Oh! The link went somewhere, ale-ale, didn't hear anything. Bricks stood the twenty years next, stood, and then happened to roll due to shrinkage of the soil or any other, is not very dependent on the bricks of the circumstances. You know these stories? Full of them around. Lived-lived, give birth to children, credit score, mortgage, joint property, and then for some reason there is no more connection, love's gone and it's all over.

Tell me, if two bricks tightly glued with cement, and then put them on a sloping Board, they will move down? Out. Maybe fall, maybe even something they will break away from them, but if they fall to be so bound, to break down too. And in trouble and in joy, as they say.

The relationship is not going anywhere. Does the bond when gluing, especially no one worked. Put two brick of a turret to build from the kids, then, to keep people, framed from the sides of the support business, career, vacations combines pretty pictures for the public, grandparents, adoring grandchildren, great luxury apartment in a prestigious area of long-term mortgages and many other props to the sides pointed to surely and plump it all, nowhere to run from such a system.

That's certainly karmic relationship, everything is so tied that you do not understand what everything is kept in such a relationship. But as we know, nature is unpredictable, like life itself. Sometimes the ground starts to shake, the economy crises occur, businesses are in decline, children bring anxiety, health something can happen, and then certainly not to shop.In difficult times the system tested for strength, in these times of history about the presence or absence of ties become more real.

If you do not want to do the same "bonding" with a specific person, if you want to have developed all by itself and with a wave of a magic wand, choose a horizontal surface with a beautiful view of the sea, the mountains or what you want. But if hard times come (and statistics show that they are guaranteed to come in the life of every person), don't be surprised that the earth starts to leave from under his feet, and the serene enjoyment of each other is gradually eroding.

Just someone difficulties happen early in life, others in the middle or the end. And difficulties-not necessarily external can be the most destructive are the internal crises that few people want to live. Sometimes that is so bursting inside, Willy-nilly, the brick starts to bounce and wobble, and creates movement throughout the system.

They say that we are as strong as our weakest link, so in building any system there is a sense in the first place to pay attention to something that can cause problems, and try to at least think to look for exits from possible crises, conflicts and difficulties do not need to run, otherwise later have to catch flying in all directions bricks your system.

So what creates a strong bond between people, what is the most unique experience on the basis of which are constructed and kept all relations? Well, see, there is a unique experience that happens by itself just because something happens for the first time — Dating, marriage, intimacy, children, significant first purchase, travel and more.

In principle, for sufficiently regular life, such experience is quite enough if one person one time and for life. The problem of modern society is that "experience" many much more than one time with one person, and the uniqueness of the repetitions is difficult to find.

Suppose you had a family where it all began beautifully, children were born, many things were going on and the holidays and trips and family gatherings, and business together. It took some number of years, and you decide that somewhere in another place will be better, and here, I must say, will have to thoroughly try, because whether we like it or not, the experience with a new person will be somewhat consistent with past history, and to make all differed radically not so simple.

Also, the problem is that in today's world of opportunities to achieve material prosperity far greater than it was during previous generations, so what binds people dozens of years (joint, for example), these days will lose its strength much earlier.

A strong bond usually give moments of warmth and closeness, of unity, which arise during deep conversations, sincere observation one after another, of knowing oneself and the loved one, the implementation of deep targets and the coincidence of values. External easy to build on, first it would be good to take care of internal communication.

What differentiates your relationship with a specific person from ties to all the others? If you are a girl and you have a lot of like guy friends, especially those who are considered a true friend, that friendship with that friend is different from a friendship with your man? Do you have enough to make friends with several men? If with your friend you can go to the cinema and theater, to communicate on intimate topics, to visit each other's homes, hug and kiss, then what that connection sets you apart from connection with a man close? Is that intimacy.


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But is that sufficient power to keep the relationship for a long time and make them deep? If you are a man and around you is full of girls with whom I communicate, work, travel, tell them compliments, go for lunch, much whether this relationship differs from the relationship with your girlfriend?

If you do not devote time to the relationship, trying to be for each other truly native people, if you think that tough times can be from anyone, but not us, it is not surprising that the "increased burden" on the system of your relationship (the birth of a child, financial difficulties, illness or accident with a spouse or something else), everything falls apart.

Not to apart, you should try to build a connection primarily on internal, not external, and if built on the outside and has already started to collapse, then struggled to try to glue something that can be glued, but if not come out, to build a new consciously and efficiently.published


Author: Dean Richards


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