3 Things You Need To Know About NEDOMUZHCHINAH

Bright and entertaining article by Evgeny Vasilenko, which will tell you all about Nedomuzhchinah and testosterone ...

The world is divided into men and women. There are middle floor, people, for different reasons, by choice or coincidence, including hormonal, fell into the category of "trance", hermaphrodites and other "undecided." We wish them to solve their problems as quickly as possible, and something finally choose, we will talk today about those whose sexual identity ... supposedly unquestionable. No, not about men and women and of men only. But what about men who do not have male main quality that brings to life all the male vital him a variety of choices. Periodic elections females to disperse its seeds. For procreation. Let's talk about men who do not. Let's not call them .... latent, that's rude. Let's call them - Nedomuzhchiny or LP (Latent P ...).

Nedomuzhchin men very much. And to distinguish them at once is not easy. Yes, and it is not necessary. The realization that before you Nedomuzhchina can only come at a time when he is required purely masculine qualities, but he is for some reason they are not showing.

Here are 3 signs by which you can recognize Nedomuzhchinu:

1. behaves like a child
What is in front of you or Nedomuzhchina LP, can feel not only the woman. A man may also be surprised to see a strange behavior uncharacteristic of his seemingly ... fellow man by gender, man, suddenly behaving like a child.

What is not in children first? That's right and responsibility. Therefore, they are not judged and thrown in jail. He still can not answer for their actions, as long as it makes the parents or other guardians. A situation where Nedomuzhchina behaves like a child, can be any and meet anywhere - at work, in business, in friendly terms, in the family.

No, he does not fall on the floor and legs batters in hysterics, but he can not come, or be late for an important meeting. And then - it does not explain, and even on the contrary, begin to attack in response to the accusations, saying he was late because ....

And about this "because" he will talk long and passionately, trying to convince of the correctness of those who are really affected by his irresponsibility.

Man present at any of their posts, will try to take responsibility for themselves. Because every man, if he is - the present, wants to become an alpha male. It does not matter what it looks like alpha male - or pumped Macho bespectacled academics. In his case, in their environment, in their flock or herd, a real man will seek to become a general. Why? Because the object of the male that besets his nature, all subjugate, to push competitors and put them into his service, and eventually pick yourself as many females and to continue it ... sort of. But before ruffle front of women, it is necessary to deal with the male population, which is marking time and strives to close from under his nose to lead another ... And for this - you need to become a king, and for men too. Let respected. And respect can only really responsible guy. Chief. Strong.

2. bald, balding and began to go bald, you should not worry
It has long been debate on the subject of testosterone and baldness. We put everything in its place. Testosterone is produced in the male testes and adrenal glands. That's right, the amount of testosterone that affects the development of the male. Athletes taking synthetic testosterone, which, combined with physical activity plays an important role in the growth of muscle tissue.

Check the content of testosterone in the blood, may be making a special analysis. It is believed that the hormone reduces cholesterol in blood and help reduce body fat in the body. After 35 years, the male body begins to produce less of the hormone reduced the potency of all and in particular, that is a completely natural process.

So. When the raging testosterone, men go bald. It's true. Some - a very early age to 25. This does not mean that if in front of you bald - it is an incredible Casanova, macho, the winner, and so on. Polyset he could for another reason. But more often the norm, or the abundance of testosterone makes men lose hair on your head. And it is - on the head.

And now I appeal to women. If a man has a receding hairline, even starting, and he waved his hand at all, has become Shaved remaining "three perdinki", the probability that it will give you a hand when you get out of the car is very high. What he tries to please you, will compliment and generally react to you as a woman - is very high. What it will take responsibility for solving their own and your questions - is very high.

Nedomuzhchiny or LP, alas, often have luxurious hair, which they, by the way, are very fond of, care and cherish. And somehow her proud. Do not say the women compliments. Do not make women enjoyable. Makes her own decisions. And when she would get out of the car, laden with children and bags Nedomuzhchina calmly go to the house, fumbling keys in their expensive pants.

They are not because they are bad. They just - nothing. There is nothing to think about women, there is nothing to think about responsibility, nothing to think about love. And they love Nedomuzhchiny or LP? Do not believe it ...

3. Nedomuzhchiny prefer male society
Yes! Nedomuzhchiny like men. Really love men. No, for this they do not have to be specific n ... They sincerely believe that the world's population - are men. And women ... this ... Who's there? Yeah, there are women like ... to something. For them it is a little essential "detail" of life. Almost all Nedomuzhchiny - misogynistic. Some - explicit and active, some - quieter.

Due to the fact that they do not feel fully males, and their women to anything. They shall accord to women a role, but no more than to accompany them in some vital projects. The society is necessary to have a wife.

But the man for them - this is a full-filled world. There are possible and tender affection, and worship, and respect for, and the rejection of hatred. In short, all raging in the usual androgynous world of passion, they are concentrated only around men.

Attention! Nedomuzhchina or latent II never take another man in an intimate relationship. They g ... only platonic, but it is. LP does not need a women's society, if the woman does not make him a concrete advantage. But in the male society needs very PL. If a woman associated with the LP or by other marital ties, needs help,

Nedomuzhchina first finish their affairs with men, and only then turn their attention to it. For the present the male priorities are arranged differently. Initially, he runs to his woman, and then to finish his business. Nedomuzhchina afraid of losing his woman because she will no longer help him, and the alpha male will be afraid of losing his woman, because it was immediately pick up the other, and he could not let that happen.

Why peasant testosterone and what to do
It is known that the normal level of the principal male hormone affects:

The active view of the world and curiosity, and more, which makes a man faster, higher, stronger. Again, to conquer the world, all to win and cause large numbers of their offspring.
This does not mean that every full-fledged male of the human species must have a lot of wives, be a hero-father or alimony-record. Thank God we live in a civilized society, which through laws and common sense somehow pacified primitive needs.

Testosterone acts as a kick, jump and pusher for every man, simply bundled with it certainly - interest in a woman. If the hormone does not play, the development of the male does not occur.

The reduction of testosterone to blame:

Stress (fear, depression).
Bacteria, viruses, some of the diseases suffered.
Some medications (eg, anti-ulcer).
Trauma vital organs, the testes of the same, for example.
Bad habits.
Irregular relationships.
Lifestyle without physical exertion.
Among the typical health problems affecting the decrease in testosterone levels - shortness of breath (which is frequent and often repeated breathing) as a result of excess weight. In popular literature suggests a simple test. If the abdominal circumference more than 94 cm - uniquely - a sign of decline in testosterone levels in the blood. Everything else can be learned from his endocrinologist, who will determine the existence of a problem, if it exists.

And finally, what is the difference Nedomuzhchiny from other men who are, or alpha male and they tend to be:

As has been said - a luxurious head of hair.
A small distance from the base of the nose to the upper lip
Ring finger is almost on a par with the index.
The thick short fingers.
Not rich, not velvet voice. No.
Evgeny Vasilenko


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