Doggie sorry))

I go fishing with. Fields. Copses. Places deserted. Wild even. Most moose can be found than the person. Twice. Most. I zasekal.
 I'm going, so all in itself. Tropochka something - not tropochka. So. The thread in the grass.
 And suddenly meet at full speed rushes Rottweiler. Powerful takoy.v well maintained. Side language. For a long time, it can be seen running.
 And in those locations Rottweilers occur four times less people. I zasekal. Accordingly, eight times less elk. In short. At eight I have seen in these places it was the first moose Rottweiler. Yes.
 You are running a rottweiler saw? And running to you?

I got up. I watch. And what remains? Beautifully runs. Just me.
 Looks, however, unnatural somehow. Do not forward, and somewhere up.
 So jump, head off Zadran.
 Well, I slumped slightly. No, I have no dog something not afraid. Besides inadequate Pekingese. And more because of the hostesses. But this something where there has to hurry, but to me for lunch?

He passed me - shshshshuh! Perestavku did such a beautiful, skirting. And further. Toko grass perished. And, sorry, back to the place of the scrotum. I looked after - and he is already in the bushes. And there is nothing more. River. That's all. And meadows on the other side. Riddle.
 But I started again, here you are. From the same coppice where Toko that the dog jumped, a man rushes. Yeah. And running, most importantly, in the same way as the Rottweiler. Well-groomed, shiny, side language, and noggin somewhere up Zadran.
 Before I run so far. Stops. Bent down, put his hands on his knees. Wheezing. We see the same - is rarely runs. Dead, marathoner.

 - Man! Puff-puff-puff! Shit! Puff-puff-puff! Tysobaku - puff - then - puff - did not see? Hrrrr!
 - Rottweiler? - I lit a cigarette.
 - Exactly! Puff-puff! Hrrrr!
 - And I ran over there. - I waved a cigarette behind his back toward the river.
 - That bitch! Hrrrr! Puff-puff-puff! Wow! All! I can not! - Ass and fell into the grass.
 - Return. There's nowhere to run farther. River. Swamp. He did not sail across the river.
 - But dick knows! Hrrrr! If the ball is not sebetsya - float like nehuy do. Give me a cigarette, - a man slowly comes to life.
 I held out a cigarette.
 - What does he Rushed something?
 - Fuck! For ball!
 - What the Sharik?
 - You know. We just drove past. We stopped to piss. Well, the same is necessary to warm up? Six hours in the car. Well, I have a ball and cheated. He inflatable ball - better than nothing. Will it pendyurit until burst.
 I did these balls with puppy trained. Specially. Well, that was not afraid of firecrackers. Fireworks of fucking. Sounds, in short, loud. He drives a ball-chasing, then either bite or a paw. He huyak - and burst. I have a glove box full of balls. And fuck? Not to me to jump with him?
 A guy a breath. I was waiting. All clear. The ball was picked up by the wind - dog him.
 - Well, fuck. I wipe the glass is. This sports. With the ball. He is a ball-nose teased, he huyak - and bushes. Bah! And burst. Well fucked. The ball burst - you can go.
 A man sighed and round eyes.
 - And suddenly. Look. Shit! Similarly, these bushes. Where the ball burst. Just far. Comes up this fucking blimp! Red! As our ball. This saw both, he can be seen in the brain something refreshment, and he kaaaaak ebanet!
 For this statosratom. I - for him. Damn! Even the machine is not closed!
 - There's no one. Only moose - reassured me. - What sratostat?
 - Well, what are you doing, man? Look away! - And she pointed a hand behind me and up.
 I turned around.
 On the other side of the river, about two kilometers from memory, high in the sky hung a huge bright red balloon. Present. Big. Adult. And visually, if the estimate, it yes, exactly match the size of a conventional balloon from ten meters.
 I already whistled. Location? And as I had not noticed?
 - Ass! - Said the man. - And you say - not ebanet of the river. As two fingers! He turned on these balls. While not burst - dick will fall behind.

 - Hey? But if on the other side of ebanet, he will not return back. Do not float.
 - Exactly? - I nodded. - Exactly! Do you know where is the nearest bridge?
 - I know. The very long you will not find. I will show. Let's go first to the river's look.
 There's far seen.
 - Damn! Listen! And the car?
 - What kind of car?
 - Jeep. Pajero. Maybe I ....?
 - Come on. Local is not touched. We quickly. Here are five minutes to the river somewhere.
 If swam - we'll see. There is a field on the other side. You can swim.
 A narrow river. And I'm going to the car. Pokaraulyu. Or vice versa. But he would not listen to me.
 - Okay. Come on. Determination. - A man clearly perked up. - Shit, look, thank you. I have no dog here one dick will not leave. Year'll live.
 - We found.
 I reached for the bait. He rose heavily, shaking ass. And suddenly shouted:
 - Well, bitch ?! Nasharoebilsya, asshole?
 I looked out of his hands.
 From the bush, blame tupya head off and compressing the place where the majority of the dogs tail, wet both tsutsik, dejectedly walked Rottweiler.
 - Come on, son! Go ssuchenok! - Joyfully shouted the man, and stamping his happiness. - SchA those folders noble pizdyuley will tumble!
 Before reaching us ten meters, the dog suddenly stopped. He turned to the river. Zadran head off evil and hurt and barked. Then he sat on the ass. I looked in our direction. And naturally, in a voice cried.

There, across the river in the sky, it is not clear how the wind entered, hovered a huge red balloon.

The Rocketeer


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