The story of a homeless mongrel manly

The story of a homeless mongrel courageous that walketh two years only on the front paws of the fact that the car crushed her hind legs and those paralyzed, sold at Kuzbass Novokuznetsk and in late summer.

Bogdanov (the guys in the garage dubbed the little dog, came to them in the cold) lucky. Kuzbass, skinuvshis the world and collecting 8300 rubles booked for persistent dog wheelchair.
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After all, he drank grief and suffering - the roof - in the two years since he lived on the streets, begging and begging to let warm up to any door opened obediently, no offense, retreating when driven away. As the crawling "snake" - after his car was crushed and paralyzed hind legs. How to adapt to walk on the front legs, barely holding on thin body weight - in a couple of centimeters from the ground. And - I fell from hunger and exhausted, wiping the blood dragging useless "legs."

 - And now, thank God, Bogdan made a wheelchair, in view of its size and weight, - says Tatiana Polyaeva, head of Society for the Protection of homeless animals "cat and dog" Novokuznetsk. - Worked on a stroller St. Petersburg masters. Recently - stroller sent. We took it to the post office. Finally, Bogdan started to learn to ride a wheelchair.

For dog-tramp for a hopeless cripple, these sturdy wheels, which stood next to useless "rag" hind legs, and the first step for them, the first "Whack" - became a real miracle.

 - Now we can say: the end of suffering. Bogdan also immediately understood. He's a smart dog. You look at his eyes, which they are now happy! - Says Tatiana.


Still waiting for a parcel with a sidecar, Bogdan has gone through a number of changes.

He was taken out of the garage and settled - temporarily - in Novokuznetsk in the apartment. Hoping to - treat, fattening, learn to use a wheelchair. And when the little dog beggar become a "prince," perhaps he has better luck.

 - We hope that when Bogdan anyone take to live with him, he will be a good host and a friend. Bogdan - good and faithful heart, - says Tatiana Polyaeva.

And, taking the corner at the time the hostess Tatiana Panchenko, Bogdan became friends with her dog Lord. He and Lord - the same fate (vagrancy, paralysis, meeting with good people, donated a wheelchair). Looking at Lord's, deftly managed with his wheelchair, Bogdan memorized all the "it" turns all the movements. He studied "in absentia" on someone else's example.
As soon as the house brought a parcel with 'his' stroller, Bogdan lost peace. He spun around, helping her print. Yet it was the first premise in his life! And then Tanya Bogdan strapped to a wheelchair.

 - All is well! - Tanya happily shares. - However, Bogdan was shocked, I was very tense, and all at once it baldezh was once put on a carriage.

He ran, turning his front paws on the floor and banging wheels - around the room. Past lifted and Lord rejoiced too. Then - I drove into the wall and confused how to deploy wheels.

And as soon as he was helped, Bogdan, several times here as braking at the walls, a 15-minute "trip" exhausted to the limit. And - come wrapped in a fenced off corner in zagonchik door, which he considers home.

But the dear wheel house did not pass. Then they unfastened. And Bogdan fell asleep, very tired and happy. According to Tatyana Panchenko, two years ago, just to ride in a wheelchair who taught the Lord, soon Bogdan also succeed. And "right" it will receive.

 - In severe cases, the Lord was and is moved from the place. But Bogdan - a wheelchair took very seriously. And most importantly - he is eager to run, - said Tanya. - So, so be it.

A doggie friends had joked:

 - All right! Beware of the drivers! Bogdan is now also on wheels!

Although, of course, worn Bogdan in a wheelchair on the roads no one will. Yes, and he suffered so much, really appreciate life. And, standing on the wheel, the first thing is now studying to brake.

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