Story of friendship between a magpie and a homeless boy, which has 78,000 followers on Instagram


A photographer from Australia, Cameron bloom (Cameron Bloom) tells the incredible story of the friendship of his family with a homeless woman. Of course, it's not pictures taken by a magpie, is a project of a professional photographer, Cameron bloom. Since December 2013, he talks about the unique friendship of members of his family — wife Sam and his three sons — with a homeless woman they found injured in the wild, cured, and took the family.


Forty named the Penguin quickly became an integral part of the family and house of Blooms, she readily plays with the boys, luxuriating in bed, can quietly pull food during lunch, and she is amazingly photogenic.

Instagram account of the adventures of the Penguin has become so popular that the author of the New York Times bestseller Bradley Trevor Grieve has recently announced a partnership with Cameron to create a book that will be released next year.

We fell in love with these images at first glance.


Cameron bloom: my wife and our middle son, Noah found her. She probably was only a few weeks old, most likely it just blew out of the nest, as the day was very windy. We found her in the Parking lot near the house of Sam's mom (Cameron's wife), is not far from our house.

My wife, Sam, two years ago, was injured — fracture of the spine, this period was a tough one, emotionally and physically. We found a Penguin when Sam just got back from the hospital, she could not walk, was confined to a wheelchair, so this story also bought an additional paint — especially for Sam, because the healing process and return the power they held together.

In General, brought the bird home, put it in the basket — such a little fluffy ball. We began to eat and drink it the next few months.


This baby is very friendly, the children take turns feeding her and everything. Magpies are smart birds, they are able to recognize faces, so she learned to distinguish between us and became part of the family.


Sam and I often photographed it on the iPhone. And then we decided to leave her family, then I really started to properly capture the bird and brought her Instagram a few months later.


What is a life Penguin? It is generally an independent bird?

KB: Now, things are not so predictable. In the first days of her life with us she was in the house all the time, she learned how to fly and always slept inside. When she was older we put her to sleep in a tree in the yard, and every morning she came to visit — usually just hopped on to one of us on the bed. Over time it became more free, did not appear until after the boys returned from school. During the day she hunts or doing what normal birds should do.


Unfortunately, the local magpies greatly complicates her life when she was a child, and over time this situation has only worsened. Local magpies just can't stand her — at least those that are older, they always swoop down and "punish" her, forcing her to flee. Usually she hides inside the house, leaving the enemies behind the door.

Probably the longest it was just before Christmas, she disappeared for about a week, came home for a few days and then disappeared again, but at six weeks!



We started to get used to the idea that, unfortunately, her journey ended sadly, or fortunately, she managed to find her own space where she will not feel threatened by other magpies and will be able to make friends with them. However, after four weeks after the disappearance of the birds we began to call people. She said she saw a magpie which is very friendly towards people, and even children were able to pet her! We thought that this should be our Penguin. In the end, she returned home on the thirteenth day of the birth of Ruben.



Now it often disappears. She left yesterday, did not return home in the evening, but arrived this morning to eight or nine hours.


My camera is always somewhere nearby, I often run over a magpie, grab her or ask her to move a little if the lighting gets better. With it you can do many things, because she has a strong personality, especially if you can find something to eat. The other day she grabbed a piece of chicken and put it in a basket in the living room. That day she came home and flew straight to the basket to eat it. This morning we caught a huge spider, Penguin loves them. We put it in a glass jar, so she stuck her head into the jar to the bottom to catch him, although it did not happen. I love these funny moments, there is always something to photograph.

We lead a normal lifestyle. In fact, it's only five and forty, who live together, know what I mean? We had several film crews, invitations to write a book, make a video, documentary, etc. and I just continue to shoot.



Right after ABC told our story here in Australia. The penguin had at that time two or three thousand followers in Instagram that maybe perfectly normal for a pet. And when other bloggers and news portals, saw an article the ABC, I have been inundated with requests for interviews and requests to publish my photos. I think people thought it was a good news story, unusual and quite funny. I'm glad she liked people, and especially in so many countries, so now the account is so big [Penguin at the moment has 78.000 subscribers].


These photos make you think about life. They are emotional — that is, perhaps, the most correct epithet. And yet, many of these photos peaceful. published



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