What You didn't know about the potatoes

Potatoes infected with nematodes and fungal diseases DANGEROUS to humans!!! Almost all the potatoes are infected — so make your own conclusions... But many are very hard to give up potatoes...

Potatoes are practically no energy. Starch, which is rich in potatoes, is not amenable to acid-base treatment in the body. Potatoes with any of the products not working.

From eating potato sharply reduced thought process. Potatoes — very slime product, and mucus from the body 99% is not displayed and is deposited on the walls of the intestine... Medicine is silent about this, because otherwise it will lose 10s of millions of customers (patients).

As potatoes, and various noodles and flour products contain high amount of carbohydrate and starch. Excessive consumption prevents the flow of primary metabolism in the body. Simple carbohydrates is best to replace the complex that are in cereals.


Just digest the starches the body can not, for this to happen a huge number of chemical reactions to convert complex starch into simple sugars (glucose), only knows them and knows how to metabolize body. Conversion of starch in the body is mainly aimed at meeting the need for sugar. And technology the conversion of starch into digestible simple sugars not only difficult, time consuming, and considerably stretched in time (from 2 to 4 hours). It requires huge energy consumption and biologically active substances (vitamins b, B2, B3, PP, C, etc.). Without adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals (and who of us has enough?) starch is practically not absorbed: ferments, rots, poisons, clog the capillary network.

The starch — substance is practically insoluble in any known solvents. He has only the property of colloidal solubility. The study of colloidal solutions of starch showed that the solution it does not consist of individual molecules of starch, and the primary particles — micelles involving large numbers of molecules.

In the starch contains two fractions of polysaccharides: amylase and amylopectin dramatically different in properties.

— Amylase in starch 15-25%.

It dissolves in hot water (80° C), forming a transparent colloidal solution.

— Amylopectin is 75-85% starch grains.

Thus, when exposed to the starch with hot water forms a solution of amylase, which is highly condensed swollen amylopectin. The resulting thick and viscous mass-mass is called paste. The same paste is formed and in the gastrointestinal tract.

And the finer ground flour, which is baked our bread, pasta, etc., the better the paste glues!
It glues, clog suction microvilli of the duodenum and underlying regions of the small intestine, turning them off from the digestive system first partially, and then almost completely.

That is where lies the cause of poor assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Inadequate absorption of iodine (starch makes it almost indigestible) leads to many diseases (including cancer), but the specific disease is hypothyroidism, there is insufficient thyroid function. And the reason is the same — "swamping" starches (and other toxins) connective tissue growth of the thyroid gland.

In the colon this mass of starch, obezvozhivani, take a strong liking to the walls of the colon, forming a fecal stones. These long-term deposits off, literally, work (primarily blood supply) of the organs, provides nutrients to a certain area of absorption in the colon.

The stones block the absorption of the body receives the nutrients. First it withers, then atrophies and becomes ill. Disturbed microflora of the large intestine, it zakislate (acidic environment favorable for the development of pathogenic microflora, fungi, parasites, viruses). It defeats the body's ability to produce essential amino acids.
We should not forget that potatoes are not very useful for people suffering from disorders of pancreatic function and low tolerance to carbohydrates. All of them are at risk of developing diabetes.
Potatoes can be tricky. During prolonged storage and when storing the light it builds up strong poison solanine. All probably seen green tubers. Such potatoes to eat is strictly prohibited. Solanine can cause severe poisoning. And pregnant women, it is doubly dangerous because it promotes the development of fetal heart defects.

BAKED POTATOES. The most insidious way to cause the body harm.

Glycemic index of baked potatoes equal to 95. This is higher than sugar and honey put together.
Almost instantly a baked potato increases the sugar content to the maximum possible.
The excess sugar triggers a process of "fat deposits". So the body regulates the amount of glucose.
Having experienced the completeness of saturation, due to low calorie in an hour and maybe before, people will again feel hunger. Then another and another. The cycle of eating the potato becomes infinite. This person will start considerably gaining weight. On this basis, fast food will never give up potatoes as it will mean lower profits.

Fried potatoes and French fries.

The most severe blow to the body. In the frying process of potato evaporates moisture. It replaces fat. The caloric content of potatoes is beginning to rise and often surpasses the 400 mark (carbohydrates). With the rapid digestibility, obviously, all this fat is under your skin.

Tubers who have lain down in the light green, they accumulate the strongest poison — solanine. At sprouted. In large doses, solanine destroys red blood cells and depressing effect on the Central nervous system. The ingestion of solanine in the body causes dehydration, fever, convulsions. For a weakened body it can result in a fatal outcome. Neutralize poison does not help any heat treatment.

According to the Austrian scientists, the adverse effect of solanine exerts when its concentration is increased up to 40 milligrams per 100 grams of potatoes. Fall in 100 grams just dug up potatoes the solanine is not more than 10 milligrams. Spring may be three times more, and concentrates it mainly in the green areas of the tuber and closer to the skin.

Potatoes can be eaten only YOUNG, not older than 2 months and only in cooked form.

Bake in the Oven with the peel (potatoes only!), it contains potassium and substances in processing potatoes.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption - together we change the world! ©


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