The story of a courageous dog Balto

Certainly, many watched cartoons Balto, a half-wolf, who saved the city of Nome diphtheria. But few know that the real story is somewhat different from the cartoon. So who it was one of the most famous dogs in the world really?

Balto (also acceptable option - Bolt) was actually a Russian-European Laika, a dog sled Gunnar Kaas. Balto was born in 1919 in the small town of Nome, AlyaskePervye few years of his life a dog "engaged" Movements of food for more hard work was considered too slow and generally unsuitable. The last years of his life spent in the Baltic Zoo Cleveland, Ohio, and died March 14, 1933 at the age of 13 years.

At the beginning of 1925 diphtheria, a terrible disease that affects children, broke into the settlement of Nome. It was necessary medicine - diphtheria serum, moreover, all adjacent to hospitals. Contact me by telegraph to all nearby cities, we found that serum little left in Anchorage, which lay thousands of miles away from the settlement.

The ice storm and the storm was not allowed to take off planes. It was decided to carry serum by train to the city of Nenana, but no further, because of the lack of railways. However, Nenana was located at a distance of over a thousand kilometers of the ice desert. Residents of Nome offered a way out: to equip a dog sled and rely on speed and power of a dog sled and leading skills.

The team was armed, and rides off toward the icy wind and snow. In the last section of the route, 52 miles from Bluff to Nome, I was taking medication Gunnar Kaas team led by Balto. Balto was never considered a perfect leader, but he showed courage when plunged into the roaring snowstorm. On the way he saved from certain death harness the river Topkok. Once they got to the river Bonanza, a terrible blast of wind caught the sled on the trail, the sled overturned.

After straightening sled Gunnar realized with horror that the serum was gone! With his bare hands he miraculously found it in the snow. After crossing Bonanza he rode the last 12 miles in 80 minutes and came to Seyfti Sunday night at 2-00. Ed Ron slept and KAAZ decided not to wake him up in order to save time. The worst part of the trip is over, the dogs were in good condition, and Kaas decided to overcome the remaining 21 miles separating him from Nome. But the storm intensified, and the Baltic States could not stay on the trails in the blizzard, which, according to Kaas, he could barely see the hand in front of the face.

Team reached Nome at 5-30 am on Sunday. The city was saved!

They walked 53 miles for seven and a half hours. The serum was frozen but undamaged and it immediately began to be used to stop the epidemic. Five days later the epidemic had been completely halted. Exhausted and half-frozen after the 53 mile race, Kaas, Balto and the other dogs were immediately considered heroes in the United States!

The Central Park in New York is a monument to Balto.

The Central Park in New York is a monument to Balto.

After the death of stuffed Balto was exhibited at the Museum of Cleveland, black brown coloring changed. Stuffed Balto and left to stand in a cold basement of the museum.

Ice Sculpture Championship in Fairbanks participated sculpture - Balto's Charge

And to this day in the history of schools in Alaska are Balto, his action did not die, he will forever remain a symbol of valor, honor, dignity and unbroken will to win.



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