"Though I am not Opa - Lon, but it is better that you Scot ... especially without any kogdazhdy kilt!"

"Though I am not Opa - Lon, but it is better that you Scot ... especially without any kogdazhdy kilt!" Men talk of a replica of kilte

"In the old days, when the invaders stormed the town, they killed the men and raped women. That is why the proud, but life-loving Scots began to wear skirts »
Bike from the bartender Scottish pub "Doctor Scotch."

Lyrical entry ...
Recently, a great decision reviewed filmets called "Braveheart" looked? Look, I advise you, great "as it were historical" motion picture, taken in the best tradition of Hollywood. For me personally, "Braveheart" in general is of great importance: this movie I showed my older brother (the most authoritative person in my life), spit on reasonable precaution "to children under 16 ..". I do not know where it came from the tape whether borrowed, or bought, but remember that on the tape box was depicted some screaming man with a blue face paint smeared.
Here's this guy:

Later it turned out that it is not just "a - the" man, but just the same ... only. "The six-year I" fell in love with Mel Gibson, then I did not know that he is one who beats - a loving ... beat. This I allude not only to James Caviezel, who have suffered notably from the director during the filming of the movie "The Passion of the Christ". For dramatic effect, and more empathy in the role of Jesus, the actor had: quite by accident, while scenes of torture, twice to know what the crack of a whip on the naked flesh. I would like to ask: & quot; Chalk! You what? Why real whips ?! It's a movie! & Quot; To know what a stroke of lightning. James, fortunately, no injuries have not received, and Gibson's not to blame ... like. I did not have to represent the physical suffering - he really suffered from a multilayer make-up, which took seven hours a day (the director's rejection of the special effects), because of which his body was covered with blisters and he could not sleep. Carry a real cross weighing 70 kilos, walking in the winter (the filming successfully dropped!) In a lion's skin, and periodically freezing to the bone, I think Gibson then went puhovichke.

If only someone Gibson then said, "Mel, you're it! OKS not give you an Oscar, even for the best film not nominated! And do not give the guy an Oscar, "a method of Charlize Theron" - disfigure themselves in - complete and received an Oscar, will not work in this case! Hear me, man! »

Ooooh, enlightenment can not see

Actually ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva on Gibson also went, and photo correspondent does not know the time - how terrible can be Irish-Catholic in anger. In general, in the six years I had no idea that Mel Gibson - "not a hero," then (1997!), I was blindly in love with the legendary Scotsman William Wallace, talented performance Gibson, and saw only a single of its lack - he and his Friends wore skirts ... and then another with his bare ass frighten the enemy (not, by the way, it did not bother me), but the skirt!

"A lot of uncles in skirts! With the breeze run! »

"Oh my God! A man in a skirt! »

"Ha-ha-ha! Look! She is wearing a skirt and he's skirt! Scream! »
I remember:
I - Why do men in skirts run !?
Brother: - It's not a skirt, fool, this kilt!
I - But all the same skirt!
Brother: (through clenched teeth) - Kilt - it's not a skirt!

Kilt - it's not a skirt!
"I know of pohodke.On cute bears, wearing a kilt ..." a special variation of Russian songs for the Scottish faithful wife

So I remind kilt - is not a skirt! No, of course, if someone is ignorant what a kilt, I ask you:
- And what is the kilt? you can easily explain that:
- Kilt - it's such a male skirt, the Scots wear plaid, well, like "Tattoo" in the video for "I went crazy" and makes you quickly realize verified.
But still - still:

That's ...

and it

Consent (?), two completely different things!


Kilt - traditional clothing Highlanders of Scotland, it is a piece of woolen cloth (by and large plaid!) With traditional Scottish pattern of cells and bands - tartan (in Russia this material is known as "Scottish"), wrapped around taliiveroyatnee likely that the name kilt occurred from the Anglo-Scottish & quot; wrapping clothing around the body & quot ;, gathered folds back and fastened with buckles and straps.

Wearing such beauty mountaineers began in the days of the Norwegian King Magnus III, who ruled at the end of XI century, they did so, and was nicknamed "barelegged" for a gentle attachment to the kilt, or rather to his distant ancestors, because in those days the kilt was great (it is called Historically, large rug and not very comfortable to rush into battle barelegged soldier dropped him off and naked rushed to a meeting with the enemy (and the enemy of it!). It weighed the blanket almost five kilograms, a width of 70 centimeters and a length - 8 meters .

What today is periodically put on ...

Ewan McGregor

James McAvoy

... Sean Connery called "small kilt ', how he appeared described below.

In a minute!

As much as Vin Diesel did not want it, it is not on a kilt and a skirt.

Continue ...

Plaid - is a wonderful thing: in the heat gives a cool, cold - heat (in the campaigns it is often used as a blanket at rest), protects from rain, will make anyone beautiful, does not restrict movement to a sexually active. Still comfortable in a kilt, wearing pants so do not climb the mountains. It would have fought Highlanders naked, throwing off the heavy blanket, if in the first quarter of XVIII century Managing steelworks in Lohabere Englishman Rawlinson did not order (according to legend) cut kilt on, for us will forever remain a mystery that caused his know-how, perhaps pity evaporated working in the Pavilion shop or embarrassed because of their periodic nakedness when they sweating that drew.

Last kilt was seen on the field of battle at Dunkirk in 1940, after which it gradually ceases to be everyday attire, getting more and more cultural.

"Ladies from Hell" scared of the Germans in the First World War.

In a minute!

No, expensive wines, it's not a kilt, neeeet. It's all in the details, you know?


Tartan - coloring kilta.Tsvet plays a very important role for the tartan - each carries a certain symbolism.

For example: it is enough for the modern tartan kilts Scottish and Irish firefighter

Red symbolizes fire, white - water, black and gold - determination and brotherhood

Clan MacDougalls

Clan MacQueen

Traditionally, the kilt is worn with a special bag for the money and other little things called sporran.

The length of the kilt should be such as to close the knee, but no more, in the back fold of the front - straight.

Well, you know, who's done

If you are a man if you put a kilt ...
... Do not worry.
"I pull from a wide kilt duplicate precious cargo," a poem about a Scottish passport

In - First, you boy, not afraid of ridicule and enjoy freedom, women will appreciate it, and secondly, go to where you want it, as do the Scots, Irish and fans kilt.

You can go for a traditional Scottish merrymaking ...

... Participate ...

... Or just look like Prince Charles of Wales, the owner of the largest private collection of kilts.

You can take the bagpipe and go to the parade

At the wedding

On the red carpet

Butler looks more manly

At work

On the barbecue

In general, you want your dushebudet astronaut Alan Bean even dumped a kilt to the moon on board the "Apollo - 12».

None in the world of women's kilt!
"The true Celt - seven feet under the kilt» Scottish proverb

Women fell in love with "Scottish", but a real kilt - is a man's business, and if you believe the Scottish proverb ... thank heavens that it is so, we personally, why under the hem is happiness? It would be pretty close

Especially ...

... So the girls can not sit))

"You did not miss a single skirt" - penalty frivolous father's daughter.

Shot from the movie "Braveheart»

frame from the film "Rob Roy»

Americans in ordinary skirts

Still from the film "The Last King of Scotland»

The hero Samuel L. Jackson's entire film "Formula 51" walking around in a kilt

Robin Williams wants to show that hide kilt

"It is true that cool? I can wear a skirt, and if anyone asks, I'll say that it's a kilt! »

Underwear under the kilt is traditionally not worn. Perhaps unknown mountaineer rights, once said the Queen Victoria: "Why, ma'am? There everything is working perfectly. " But that did not please the ladies once again and not to scare the townspeople, soldiers in kilts forbidden to climb to the second floor of the bus

RuPaul like men in a kilt

Jean Paul Gaultier loves kilt ...

So I use it in the design of the limited edition of their perfume.

Shrek and Mike Myers

"For a man manly appearance not think of a more masculine clothes: kilt perfectly with a wide flat-step behind fluttering folds, front not stir, leather bag fur outside covers the loins, the hem reached the center of the knee, opened strong shapely legs encased in tight leotards in a forward cage, wearing shoes with buckles »

Billy Connolly

Detractors kilt is often said that there are at least two reasons why a man should not wear a skirt. The first - a hairy leg. The second good reason - Second hairy leg

Duncan MacLeod - the legendary "Highlander»

Legendary cleaner Willie

Robbie Uilms

Mike Myers Shrek ... without



Rod Stewart

Young Hugh Laurie

Big Rory - the largest carrier kilt

Dedkov the cell

Jared Leto at a concert in Scotland


Forgive Cam Gigandet, though it will kilt


Win! It's just a skirt!

See you.


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