The old woman with the broken trough: trough to not mind, but remember that then ...

The old woman with nothing

This psychological vampire quite often. Donor she naturally goldfish. Determine the vampire can be amazing for complaisance and undemanding at the dawn of the development of relations. He does not need anything special, if only to get a new trough, "Our something completely split." Trough to give, of course, do not mind. But we should remember that then this old woman wants to become the mistress of the sea, and to Goldfish was on her errand.

The most common goldfish is the director, and the old woman with the broken trough secretary (chief accountant, a lawyer, sometimes the driver of personal machines officer or any other person who initially boundless trust).

In general, here we are talking about vampirism in the production and sexual relations. In most cases, male goldfish, and old woman with nothing - female. It is clear that our vampire - superficially very attractive woman sexy type. In the initial stages of development of relations it is presented as a good worker who for a relatively small fee carries much more work. Goldfish are very happy, imbued with confidence to the vampire and does not even notice at first that he sucks the juice out of it.

But let's revive the situation of a specific example.

He came to me one businessman with a request to solve the problem of personal and family plan. It is a few months in the love-sexual relationship with his lawyer. In it, he found what he could not find his wife's spiritual closeness, common interest, generosity, open-mindedness, lack of prejudice, and even a complete set of advantages, which sees in love with the object of his love

. When she was arranged to work for him, then I asked her to take on any terms, for I am honored to work with such a person. The salary he put it a little. She did not mind this and were delighted with the present, that finally began to work on interesting work under the direction of an interesting person.

He, too, was pleased with her work, which was to bring the company significant revenue. About any sexual relations out of the question. He knew that she had a lover from his own subordinates, but it is his deeply interested. But, nevertheless, her admiration for his particular pleased him. Gradually they approached psychologically. She became informed of his affairs, and he was glad to have acquired such a faithful worker.

Once they started talking about their personal problems. She talked about their failures in love affairs, it is about their troubles in family life. Do you understand that they soon found themselves in the same bed.

And after that he for a while was delighted, for she was all happy and everything in it has taken, including his views on freedom of sexual relations. He rejoiced that the proximity will not affect their business dealings. She did not even demanded a salary increase. But he was himself to pay her more.

A couple of times they went together on a business trip. There, he was overjoyed. After returning saw on her face a shadow of displeasure. The reason was that the houses they could not spend the night together. He promised her to think of something, but it remained unchanged.

The relationship appeared some tension, and he turned to me for help. He asked me to give advice, as it was to make a decision, ie. E. Acting as a vampire Helpless Person. I explained that I do not give advice, suggested that he undergo psychological training and to make a decision. And after that I can help to get out of the situation safely.

It took some time. Psychological preparation helped him in the business, but the decisions regarding personal problems, he never received. Pressure from his vampire intensified. She did not raise the issue of divorce, but requests from turning into demands were reduced to ensure that live together. Against his former family visits, where he remained a child, she did not mind.

And he decided. He took off his two-bedroom apartment, and they began to live together. For a while, it is more or less comfortable with the fact that he maintained a relationship with the same family, but gradually the situation grew tense. He almost stopped visiting the child and contact with his wife.

But the more he tried to please her, the fiercer became her attack. As a wife called and congratulated him on his birthday. The conversation did not last long, formal wear, but he received a scandal for the whole night. Estimated content of the scandal: "What did she climbs into our family! How it behaves indecently!. »

Such scandals are often repeated. It became more difficult to work with. To sense from her work at the plant has been small, and almost all of them earned money appeared in her hands. In addition, it began to demand participation in all business matters, as well as to insist on divorce and marriage.

She finds fault with his every word, his every step. "Why do you say that? Why did you do it?". The attempt to justify or explain anything leads to a new scandal. It was like a shadow, it was a sorry sight. He worked through the power. From ruin saved only professionalism, but nothing new, he already could not think.

During the scandals she abruptly changed externally: became deathly pale, his face appeared a grin. Well, the spitting image of a vampire in a horror movie! When he complied with all its requirements, it is for some time became gentle and affable pretty woman, t. E. The way it was before.

"I could not be at peace and in those moments, when she was a sweet, cheerful, affectionate and playful. Through this mask stood out vampire grin. I knew that already does not belong. The whole point of life is reduced to ensure that its humor and do not cause disturbances, which, each time getting stronger.

Finally I could not stand during a storm, and left her. " A hair's breadth as a Pushkin: "Sea (. Donor soul - ML) erupted a little," and the old woman scolded, "dizzy blue sea", and the old woman "than ever vzdurilas", "blackened blue sea ​​", and the old woman" like henbane overeat. " Finally, "when angry waves swelled and go as howling and howling," The old woman was left with nothing.

Now we can take stock. So, it is better to quickly identify the old woman with nothing and did not communicate with her. And if it is connected, it is best to throw it after the appearance of the next new requirements. The old woman with nothing can escape their sad fate, if it starts to live according to the law of love, t. E. Much to the fact that you have not thought of otherwise. Then it ceases to be a vampire.

© Mikhail E. Litvak


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