Mysterious message for all the inhabitants of planet Earth Hambo Lama Itigelov

September 10, 2002 was exhumed body of Hambo Lama Itigelov the cemetery near Ulan-Ude. He died and was buried in 1927, the exhumation took place in the presence of relatives, official observers and experts.

This information appeared in the Russian media about the Buryat lama, whose body was pulled from the graves in the early 21st century. Lama was buried in a wooden box, placed it there right in the lotus position. His body looked as if it was mummified, though it is not. Supple muscles, soft skin, the joints mobile. The body was dressed in silk clothes.

Hambo Lama Itigelov - a man well-known in Russia. He was trained in Aninskom datsan (Buddhist university in Buryatia, is now on his left only ruins), where he received his degree in medicine and philosophy, and has created an encyclopedia of pharmacology.

In 1911 Itigelov became a Hambo Lama (the head of the Buddhist Church). In the period from 1913 to 1917, he participated in almost all the king's social activities, was invited to the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, opened the first Buddhist temple in St. Petersburg, March 19, 1917 was awarded the St. Stanislaus Order, which has received from the hands of Nicholas II.

During the First World War Itigelov created and then supported the organization of "Buryat brothers". He was helping the army with money, food, clothing, medicines, participated in the construction of several hospitals in which the doctor Lama assisted wounded soldiers. For this he was awarded the Order of St. Anne's II degree.

In 1926 Itigelov advised Buddhist monks to leave Russia because "it is time to red." Itigelov himself refused to leave. In 1927, at age 75, Itigelov told lamas to begin meditation, since he was preparing for death. Lama refused to read the prayer, because he was still alive. Then he began to meditate Itigelov gradually disciples joined him, and soon he died.

Itigelov left a will in which he asked to be buried, as it is, sitting in the lotus position in the cedar box on a regular cemetery. This was done. The will was also the point at which he asked to exhume his body in a few years. Therefore, he knew that his body be preserved.

This wish was fulfilled by Buddhist monks in 1955 and 1973, but they were afraid of anyone to talk about it, as the communist regime did not leave a place for religion in public life. In 2002 alone, the body was exhumed again and moved to Ivilginski temple (residence of today's Hambo Lama) where it has been thoroughly examined by monks and, more importantly, scientists and pathologists. The official conclusion reads remarkably preserved body, no traces of decomposition were found, all of the muscles and internal tissue without damage to the skin is soft, the joints mobile. The most interesting is that the body never embalmed and mummified.

Now the body is Itigelov outdoors, no special temperature and humidity mode is not supported, people come to him. No one knows how Itigelov body remains in this state.

Is the only known and indisputable CASE immortal bodies worldwide. Embalming and mummification widely known among different nations: Chile (Chinchorro), Egyptian mummies, Christian Saints, communist leaders and so on. Some of the bodies were frozen, but as soon as they got in an oxygen environment, they began to rot in a matter of hours.

Buddhist texts describe such miracles, but in reality there is no such examples. Although there now exists.

Two years after the exhumation of the body Itigelov showed no signs of decomposition, no mold on it, absolutely nothing happens to him. Before his death Itigelov said he left a message for all the inhabitants of planet Earth. This is a message without words. Today it's our turn to try to solve it.


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