200-year-old mummy of a Tibetan monk from Ulan Bator is still "alive"

It's hard to believe, but it is simply impossible to imagine, the fact that according to scientists recently found the mummy of a Tibetan monk, which is already more than 200 years, is still "livingĀ».
Scientists in Ulaanbaatar came upon a 200-year-old mummy of a Tibetan monk who was found in the province Songinohairhan.

The mummy is in a sitting position in a pose of "lotus-vajra," ie, his left hand is open and the right palm facing down and clamped to symbolize the preaching Sutra. According to ancient tradition of Buddhist Lamas is a human condition it says that the monk died and is in a deep state of meditation, and the longer it comes to such an unusual forgetfulness, the closer it is to the Buddha.

A detailed study of the mummy and after a number of different examinations scientists have made an unequivocal conclusion that the function of the protein the body of the mummy have a lifetime condition, and "the monk is still alive", just in a very long and deep trance.

According to the scientists, led by Professor of the Mongolian Institute of Buddhist art Genhugiyun Purevbata such a trance which included a monk called "tukdam", and the monk is a teacher Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov that on their own villages in the same lotus position and read the posthumous prayer , died. This event occurred in the 15 June 1927 year.

Before you sit down and die Itigelov prepared himself mentally and physically for almost ten years, and commanded his disciples to be intact in a sitting position and buried. Then, 30 years later they dug up and came to look at him again, and finally it was returned only after 75 years. So his disciples, and all were executed. It was built cedar box, which was placed in a sitting Lama and peppered ordinary rock salt, and then with all the honors were buried in the ground. After 30 years (in 1957) Itigelov newly dug. The participants were impressed by what they saw - the monk as a living sitting in the same position, but not breathing. He changed the robe, read the appropriate prayers and improvised the same sarcophagus with the monk again buried and dug up again only in 2002.

Essentially Lama returned to our world, and how he wanted it 75 years later. Legal Medicine of the city of Buryatia have documented the fact that the body's natural decomposition, not even putrid odor is absent. Soft tissues are elastic, the joints bend and retain their mobility in the body there is no sign of any of embalming or the use of any oils. Even the orange robe Lama has not lost its strength and brightness of colors.

By the way, Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov (Pardito Hambo Lama XII) - Buryat religious figure, and in the years 1911-1917 was the head of Buddhists of Siberia


Until now, lama seated on a podium, in his solemn lotus position in a specially built Ivolginsky monastery for him. His body can say, immortal, it has been 88 years, it is all in the same state and not subjected to any decay or decomposition. Many believe that the lama is alive and could return to our world, only if his body dug up a little earlier. Or simply a revival Lama does not occur because the dead are no longer those to whom he gave a promise to return.

But be that as it may in fact we already precisely do not know, but these examples of "live" mummy can accurately establish the fact that the power of faith just almighty and immense, and in many ways a person has not yet been given not to understand, explain.


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