Mummies of the World

Not for the faint of heart!
10-month-old baby who lived in Peru 6,420 years ago, an aristocrat of the 17th century, the South African woman with a tattoo on each breast and on her face, the woman with tuberculosis, a child with heart disease and one with a tumor on his face. "Mummies of the world" - a traveling exhibition of mummies, the largest ever to exist in history. 45 mummies and 95 artifacts from 15 museums in seven countries. The exhibition opened yesterday at the Museum of Science of California at Los Angeles. Soon she will leave for a three-year tour of the United States.

The mummy of an adult male of the pre-Columbian Atacama Desert (currently in Chile). (AP)

Detmold child: Peruvian mummy 8-10-month-old baby, who died 6,500 years ago, probably from heart disease. The mummy was loaned to the exhibition Museum Detmold, Germany. This is one of the oldest mummies in the world, it precedes even the famous Pharaoh Tutu on more than 3000 years. (KPA / ZUMA / REX FEATURES)

Orlovits family was part of a group of XVIII century mummies discovered in Vac in 1994. They were found during the reconstruction of the Dominican church in the underground tombs. The cold, dry air in the crypt, as well as pine oil allowed the mummified bodies and safely preserved to our days. (AFP / GETTY)


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