Interesting facts about Ancient Egypt

History of Egypt – interesting and rich, and famous places of this country it is glorified by the worldwide. Pyramids, pharaohs, the Nile River... This article will acquaint you with interesting facts about Ancient Egypt.

1. The ancient Egyptians, who had a high social level, wearing wigs. Long hair was only for the lower strata of the population, and sometimes in a braid. With children's hair was very unusual: children up to 12 years old the hair on his head shaved off completely, leaving only a single braid. Ironically, such measures were fully justified: this was done in order to avoid fleas and lice.

2. Every temple in ancient Egypt was equipped with a special place for the Pharaoh. From this place he led the service. But all the temples of Pharaoh is not enough. In that case, this place was the high priest of the temple.

3. Interesting fact: in ancient Egypt, cosmetics were not only used by women but also the stronger sex. The ancient Egyptians believed that makeup has healing properties. This type of cosmetics, like paint for the eyes, constructed of lead and copper. The paint is made of copper had green color, and from lead – black. First and foremost, the makeover was intended as protection from direct sunlight, and then – as a means of decoration.

4. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt never allowed to see their hair. In order to hide them, they wore a crown or covering hair with a headscarf called "names".

5. The step pyramid of king Djoser, which was elevated approximately 2600 BC, is the first pyramid built in Egypt. From the very beginning it was surrounded by a wall that had a height of 10 meters. In the wall there were 15 doors, but, despite this, there were only one.

6. The culture of ancient Egypt was a complex burial rituals. Mummification of the deceased person was the main part of it. Through the nostrils removed the brain, then all the internal organs get out of the body, after which they were put in special jars. At its previous location could only heart. The ancient Egyptians believed that the heart of man to be his soul. All the tools for this ritual have a sinister look. However, they were made by the best craftsmen who knew their business.

7. Before the laws of ancient Egypt men and women were equal. The equality of the sexes persisted in the political life of Egypt. However, the social status of men was much higher than that of women.

8. In ancient Egypt, soldiers acted not only as advocates, but also performed duties of internal police troops. It is they who, while serving Pharaoh collected taxes.

9. It is still unknown who tipped the nose of the Sphinx. Dated image of the Sphinx in 1737, the company presented without a nose. Only 60 years later, Napoleon landed in Egypt. His soldiers firing their guns trained on the Sphinx. Currently, there is only one name of the person who has harmed the Sphinx: Saim al-Dahr, Islamic cleric. This vandal sentenced to death and hanged in 1378.

10. Children of ancient Egypt go without any clothes to adolescence. The climate was so warm that clothes were not completely necessary. Women usually wore dresses, and men – only skirts.


To preserve the body forever and prepare them for the afterlife, the ancient Egyptians started with around 3400 BC, This became possible thanks to mummification. Amount for the art was determined by how rich was dead, and on a social level he was at. If the deceased was a noble person, the embalming process lasted for 70 days. Because of this, the mummies of the pharaohs have survived millennia. However, despite this, mummy still suffered from grave-robbers who were looking for treasure. For example, the archaeologist Howard Carter searching for treasures, opened the tomb of Tutankhamun and destroyed the mummy of Pharaoh.

How exactly was the process we described above. Strictly speaking, the deceased was taken out from the insides and brain, leaving only the heart. From the body of the deceased had removed all the fats and water with pieces of soda that were placed on the body. If a person was poor, the way it was embalmed, was much simpler: through the intestines into the body poured caustic solutions. After these liquids dissolved the insides, solution was pumped out. Due to the use of soda, the body is very disfigure, muscles completely disappeared, and her cheeks were failed. In order for tissues to more or less recover, tried to use the fat and sawdust. This skin for the coming thousands of years cracked.

After such a long and complex process, the body was wrapped in bandages, pre-soaked in resins and various oils. Because of this, all the mummies have a dark color. To protect the deceased, between the bandages were handled by different amulets on which were various inscriptions like the following: "Let the death of your wings I will destroy whoever dares to disturb the eternal rest of the Pharaoh".



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