Modern Problems of Ancient Rome

Modern problems of ancient Rome. In writing this post helped me a book by Alberto Angela, "One Day in Rome."

1) Stoppers.

As the truth of a huge problem of any modern developed society. In almost every district of weight machines accumulating together to form extended jams, in which every day we lose a lot of time. But some manage to bypass traffic jams by using flashing lights and flashing beacons. You ask where the Ancient Rome.

The population of ancient Rome numbered, according to some estimates up to 1.5 mln. People. The streets of heaps of houses, shops and stores were severely narrowed, and crowds of people were forced to go, or rather pushed into the crush of daily close (like our subway). Of course such an abundance among the people could not walk and talk about the use of transport in the day day. The law issued by Caesar in 45 years before the era of allowing the movement of vehicles only state purposes, and prohibits the movement of private vehicles from dawn to dusk. But in our time, some officials and the "privileged persons" could use private transport. That is, carts and palanquins.

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Modern official

And the biggie in ancient Rome, perhaps the senator.

And another form of transport. The palanquin. Usually in front of a slave was a strong and sometimes more, they are repulsive and onlookers passers-by.

2) The noise and confusion in the streets and alleys.

Who came out on the street of a large city, such as Moscow, people immediately hear a lot of different sounds. The roar and the noise of cars, horns sound came from cutting and unpleasant hearing. Dogs barking, the sound of constant construction. Alarm accidentally yell or two will shout out loud to each other. In ancient Rome, the noise level was even higher. Since the activity is carried out in schools in the street, and the teacher tells the parable does uslyshane. All day ringing coppersmiths by making another masterpiece. Somewhere jeweler manufactures gold jewelry and a hammer pounding on the Spanish gold. Incessantly wail fans Bellona (god of war).

On a photo a modern Arbat

This image is a typical street of Rome.

3) Uncontrolled Immigration

I think all of you know very well that many residents of the nearby foreign countries seek to come to the Russian capital in search of a better life. This issue has been widely discussed and even ridiculed the show "Our Russia" on the example of two Tajiks. Indeed, we can often find them on the building, gas station, at the car wash or clean the territory of our yard.

Migration in the days of ancient Rome was also a genuine problem. Juvenal says. ( (Roman poet satirist) "They literally filled the city and the Syrian Orontes River has long runs into the Tiber, bringing the language and customs, flute, oblique strings, drums and exotic girls who are forced into prostitution in the vicinity of the circusĀ»

Unfortunately I did not find a suitable image. It fits a lot. For example, many immigrants became voluntarily (for the money) Gladiators.

4) The unreliability of buildings and their sudden collapse. I'm not an expert in construction, but can really notice how fast developing cities and how quickly erected certain structures. We all remember the collapse of the water park "Transvaal" in Moscow. This problem existed in Roman times. The result has been a huge emigration rapid growth of illegal construction, as mushrooms grow enormous "barracks" in height in 7 modern floors. (ABOVE Khrushchev !!). The result was frequent falling houses.

In this picture a typical housing Roman. Apartment Insula. They were people from vastly different income, the higher the poorer.


5) Dirt in the city.

We all know how polluted modern city. Walking down the street, and we will find an abundance of empty plastic bottles and wrappers from chocolates and used condoms and many more all sorts of rubbish. In ancient Rome it had a similar situation. Horace said, "in on one side of us jumping bald dog, the other - a pig. Some alleys were the people in a public toilet. Often I had to step on the dirt, and people from the windows could easily pour on you the remnants of dirty water or throw garbage.

In the photo the modern city and its waste.

6) The difficulty to find housing and sky-high prices.

Suffice modern problem. We all know how high is the price to buy or rent an apartment in Moscow, on this fact, many people are cashing in. For the money it is possible to buy a small house in Europe. But this problem exists not only in Russia today, but in the ancient world. Juvenal said: "Find accommodation in Rome is only possible when the big funds. Usually people living in apartment buildings called "insula". And most affluent sililis the bottom and top of the poorest. Traders also all lived in the attic in their stores. The worst thing that could rent neuplatchik be given into slavery.

This image can be seen how many people lived in the capital of the Roman Empire.

7) And the last - insecurity nightlife. As far as I know Russia is now ranked 2nd in the world in the number of murders committed each year. At night scary enough to reach from one end of the district to another, not to avoid problems. A huge number of obscure personalities makes visitors think twice about the event. That night, often steal or break the car in search of value. I'm talking about the most innocuous things. I'm not mentioning the maniacs rapists and murderers.

In ancient Rome, there was the problem. Juvenal says, "you could pass for careless if I went to visit for dinner, will not be zavescheniya." Here in general that some of the crimes and a much more severe punishment than Shas.

According to the laws of XII tables ( is punishable by death and other crimes: theft of another crop night, for which the offender was crucified on a tree and condemns Ceres, arson of a building or compressed and lying near the house of grain for which the offender chained, beaten and burned. This includes permission to kill with impunity thief caught in the act at night and during the day - a thief, protects weapons. On the Tarpeian rock dumped false witnesses; Penalty

The code of laws of ancient Rome. And punishment.

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Several bonuses

At this image. We see someone's triumph. Most likely the 1st century BC. Perhaps at this time I am now just born Gaius Julius Caesar. It can be assumed that the picture shared the triumph of Gaius Marius and Lucius Sulla Cornell. After their brilliant victory over the Germans.

Someone asked me to mention the Colosseum. Trying to compare it with modern stadiums can be. If you start from the concept of "bread and circuses." But in any place of the world are not at a point never so many people were dying at the same time as the Coliseum. At this stage, according to preliminary estimates have been killed by 500.000-1.000.000 people and a large number of wild animals, which are almost extinct because of the constant destruction.

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