6 popular characters, about the story that everyone forgot

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Around us there are hundreds and thousands of symbols that we see every day. They have become so ingrained in our lives that we do not even think, from any particular sign and whether we actually apply it.

The website decided to figure it out and collected for you 6 famous characters, whose stories not everyone knows.

Thumbs up and thumbs down

The gesture has come to us from Ancient Rome. From the movies we know that thumbs up is a symbol of mercy, down — death. That's just the opposite. Thumbs up meant "to pull the sword and to execute judgment", and down — "remove the sword". An error has occurred due to the fact that we associate the downward direction as a negative effect, lose.


The crown first appeared in the times of Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt as cylinders and crowns. It is a symbol of power that towered above the ruler and at the same time raised him above others. In many religions the crown is a sign of a higher power, sent to man. Therefore, it was believed that the crowned chosen by God. The familiar form of the crown is similar to a light or halo, which are portrayed in the paintings of the Middle ages.

The way of the ninja

The main weapon of a ninja was espionage, so they are not dressed in black and wore masks, as we used to see in movies. These men looked like ordinary people and could be anyone that allows them to be "invisible". The idea of ninja as warriors in black robes and with his face covered, appeared due to the fact that nobody knew what they look like, they were like a shadow.

Card Joker

The Joker is a special card that can play the role of any other card. There are two interesting versions of his origin:

  • The Joker could have come to us from German juker card games (euchre) almost 200 years ago. It was the strongest card in the deck that could pull a player.
  • The image of the fool used Tarot cards. Fool — a clean sheet, because he can become anyone and go anywhere she wants. Loss of this card was considered a good sign and mark the beginning of a big life change.
Red star

Red star is known as the symbol of the red army. She meant 5 fingers on the hand of each worker, which is the future. It is also a symbol of unification of all 5 continents under its supervision. The image itself is more ancient history and refers to the 5 senses, developed in humans.

Characters PlayStation

Symbols and color buttons on the joystick famous PlayStation also have their own value. The green triangle is the direction in which the player looks. A square sheet of paper or a document as a character reference. The red circle is the Japanese word of the word "Yes" and cross for "no."

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