Mysteries of history: the Egyptian book of the dead

For 3,000 years there's been such a powerful civilization as Ancient Egypt. Although today scientists have achieved much to learn about this culture, there are things that put science to a standstill. The ancient Egyptians were so devoted to esoteric practice that to this day, many messages are not decrypted. One of these mysteries is the book of the dead, which dozens of years trying to unravel the brightest minds. They seek answers to questions such as: why is this book the greatest pharaohs were buried? What I wanted to convey to the Egyptians this book? Why for the people of Ancient Egypt spells from this book was so important?

Book of the dead is no less important attribute of Ancient Egypt than the pyramids. It is worth noting that this book is already the order of 4500 years. As for the book itself, and in all known copies, there are four sections. The first tells the story of how to protect the body when it is in the grave. Second on the journey to the underworld, and the third of God's judgment, and the fourth will be acquainted with how to continue to exist after the adoption of the gods.

In the Theban version of the Book of the dead written in the hymn to Osiris, God of the dead. It clearly indicates several important characteristics of each of the deceased. VA – this is soul, my spiritual double. The inhabitants of Ancient Egypt were convinced that in man there are five final elements: the physical body, name, shadow, and the BA and ka. BA was a bird which had the head of a deceased person. She moved to the next level of existence after death of the physical body. As a rule, the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt were not accepted to speak about death directly. They have this designation, there were numerous names like death and the deceased. Neil, or rather the West Bank, the Egyptians associated with death. The fact that the sun daily "dying" there, so the dead were given land on the West side of the cemetery.

The very same Egyptian book of the dead is not the same as modern literature. It was made in the form of a papyrus, whose length was four feet. This book contains rituals, prayers and incantations, hymns and spells, written by the priests throughout the history of Ancient Egypt.

No less interested in the question of scientists, who is the author of this famous book. Did not manage to find the answer to the question who, and under what circumstances it was created. There is a perception that it was created because of the texts left on the pyramids. It is worth noting that this kind of spells and texts could afford, not every resident of Ancient Egypt. But then came the moment when such texts became so much that they just don't fit in the tombs.

Another mystery: are there any predictions of the future in this book? I confess, scientists do not see this as surprising, since the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt similar to the ancient tribe Maya. It has long been known that the Egyptians were well versed in astronomy, so it would be logical to assume that they had to make attempts to predict the future. It should be noted that some scientists are sure that it really is. In the book talking about the pole shift that will happen. Yet, experts are confident that such an event in the past has led to a worldwide flood. But is it really? Such questions still remain unanswered. published




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