Interesting facts about Egypt

Egyptian named his newborn daughter after the largest social network "Facebook". He did it in order to show the importance of this service in the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

Egypt's population is over 82 million, making it the 15th most populated country in the world. It is interesting to know that about 99% of the population lives on 5.5% of the country, is an interesting fact.

The ancient Egyptians invented the clock, paper, lock, keys and even toothpaste. They also were the first who divided the year into 365 days and 12 months.

About 90% of Egyptians are Muslim (Sunni), 9% Coptic and 1% Christian.

Interesting fact: the literacy rate for men is 83% and 59.4% for women.

Every year in Egypt appears only 2.5 cm of precipitation.

According to the drawings of the Egyptians, the pyramid symbolized the sun beam extending through a slot in a dark room.

More than 12% of the workforce involved in the tourism industry, is an interesting fact.

The Sahara desert at the time, was an excellent place for grassland and savanna, however, overgrazing and climate change in 8000 BC turned the rich land into a desert. Now it is the largest in the world and covers an area of 8.6 million km2.

The birth rate in Egypt is of 2.97 children per woman (66th in the world). The first place is Niger with an index of 7.60 children per woman.

Interesting fact: January 25, 2011 began the Egyptian revolution. The lack of freedom of speech, corruption and mass unemployment forced people to take to the streets. In clashes with police more than 800 people died and 6,000 were injured, but his goals are reached — from the post of President is gone, Hosni Mubarak.

The Nile is the longest river of Egypt (6853 km).

Ramses II – the greatest Pharaoh in the entire history of Ancient Egypt. He ruled over 60 years and was the only one who received the title of "Great."

It is also known that he had 90 children, 56 boys and 44 girls 8 official wives and 100 concubines. He also had red hair, tying him with the God Seth, is an interesting fact.

The world's first dress was invented by the Egyptians about 5,000 years ago.

Pyramids of Egypt are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that still exist in our days. Arab proverb says: "Man fears time but time fears the pyramids."

Interesting fact: almost 4000 years ago Egyptian doctors performed a complex surgery.

Ramses II was publicly deployed in June 1886 in just 15 minutes. This was done for sterilization and storing of the body.

The ancient Egyptians wore wigs. It was not just a fad, and the only salvation from lice, is an interesting fact.

Scientists believe that the Egyptian symbol "Ankh" was a precursor to the Christian cross or affect its shape. "Ankh" — the key to eternal life.

Cleopatra was Queen of Egypt for 22 years. Today it is one of the most famous rulers, but few know that she was of Greek origin.

Interesting fact: the Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs!

Cats were considered sacred animals by the ancient Egyptians. Most of the families, necessarily kept a cat at home and took care of her, so she brings home good luck and prosperity!

Cairo — the capital and main tourist center of Egypt. The city's population is over 8 million people, making it the largest city in Africa and the Arab world!

The first sundials were discovered in Egypt in the fifteenth century BC.

Pharaoh Pepi II ruled Egypt for 94 years — the longest in the history of the Empire. He became Pharaoh in 2246 BC, when he was done only 6 years old, is an interesting fact.

The ancient Egyptians believed that mummification is the only correct transition to the afterlife. The mummification process had two stages: first the embalming of the body, and then its packaging and disposal. Organs were kept in special containers next to the mummy.

Bread and beer were the most important food of the ancient Egyptians. They even left in tombs to deceased had something to eat in another world.

Interesting fact: by studying the wall paintings of the ancient Egyptians, the scientists came to the conclusion that the most favorite amusement of ordinary citizens was very similar to the bowling game.


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