Secrets "Iceman"

"Iceman" Oetzi, or Ötzi - the ice mummy of ancient man, discovered in 1991 in the Tyrolean Alps on a glacier Similaun in the Ötz Valley at an altitude of 3200 meters. Age mummy determined by the radiocarbon method, is about 5300 years. Currently, scientists continue to study the mummies.

Hand "ice man" lying on the sterile foil.

Dutch artists Adrie and Alfons Kennys used the results of 3-D-scan skeleton "ice man" to recreate its full-size copy. Scientists initially believed that Oetzi's eyes were blue, the latest DNA testing confirmed that his eyes were brown.

Shoes "Iceman" on the glass model.

After the mummy was brought into the lab, the researchers raised the temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit, to unfreeze the mummy. Melt water tested for bacteria, which contributed to an ancient mummy is so well preserved.


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