Three-dimensional picture of the Japanese sculptor Yuki Matsueda

Japanese sculptor Yuki Matsueda (Yuki Matsueda) creates unusual volume installations.
The singularity of his work lies in the fact that the elements of the picture Yuki Matsueda seek to escape from the plane in which there are, and be free: escape from quail eggs yolks, try to escape from the card suit and from tubes - paint.

Yuki Matsueda only 31 years, but he had already gained fame as a young and talented sculptor, not only in his native Tokyo, but also abroad. The young man graduated from the University of Arts in Tokyo, presented his work in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Some installations illustrate the prohibitions and warnings from the information booth in the museums, shopping centers and offices, cafes, clubs, restaurants. The usual message "Do not shoot", "Do not touch" and "No smoking" are shown by volume black-and-red-installations. And to mark the "Exit" is trying to escape the green chelochek.


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