20 sculptures, in which not a sin to fall in love

Ninety three million five hundred thirty seven thousand nine hundred ninety nine

A woman's beauty since ancient times, poets sang, painters, musicians. And sculptors and showed the inconsistency of the beautiful half of humanity. Carving a graceful figure with its thrilling lines of unyielding materials, they handed in their works at the same time the fragility and strength of women.

Site collected 20 amazing sculptures, which you can even fall in love — they are so good.


Luo Li Rong (Rong Luo Li) creates an incredibly feminine and realistic sculptures. Her work is elegant and graceful. It seems that they are about to come to life.

2. Forty million two hundred fifty four thousand eight hundred seventy nine

Eighty six million seventy eight thousand seven hundred seventy eight

Briton Richard Stainthorp (Richard Stainthorp) for 20 years making sculptures out of metal wire. Especially he likes the female characters smooth lines, beautiful silhouettes. According to Richard, working with wire reminds me of solving a puzzle, but the result is worth it.

3. Twenty five million seven hundred thirty one thousand seven hundred fifty two

Thirty eight million seven hundred fourteen thousand five hundred eleven

This mysterious but at the same time sensual the sculpture is located on the famous cemetery Staglieno in Genoa (Italy). More bewitched and no less beautiful sculptures can be seen here.

4. Sixty six million five hundred fifty eight thousand five hundred nine

Six million sixty three thousand seven hundred twenty two

Jean-Michel Bihorel (Jean-Michel Bihorel) struck the Internet the unusual works are digital sculptures of women from... flowers. Original and fantastically beautiful.

5. Ninety nine million one hundred eighty one thousand forty five

Twenty million three thousand five hundred forty five

Italian Vittorio Tessaro (Vittorio Tessaro) managed to portray a woman with grace, which praised the poets, but at the same time made her look modern.

6. Eighty two million three hundred thirty one thousand nine hundred twelve

Eighty one million two hundred forty four thousand three hundred forty nine

Forty one million seven hundred forty three thousand six hundred twenty

"When erotic bronze rolls" — so write about the works of American sculptor Benjamin Matthew Victor (Benjamin Matthew Victor). Benjamin managed to not only breathe life into lifeless material, but to make stunningly realistic sculptures.


Philip Jackson (Philip Jackson) is a Scottish sculptor, each of which tells his extraordinary story. His creations are so expressive that it is difficult to believe that it's just stone statues, not real people.


The massive sculpture "Ecstasy" by Karen Cusolito (Karen Cusolito) made from recycled steel. Silhouette, gestures, curves, shapes and the material together Express the contradictions which are tearing apart not only female nature but also our present.


Robin white (Robin Wight) is a master at working with wire. From such a seemingly inelegant material it creates a surprisingly graceful sculpture. When you look at them the feeling that they're going to leave the ground and fly after the wind.


Sculptor Gosiya (Gosia) from Toronto creates delicate images filled with femininity and desire for self-knowledge.


Antonio Corradini (Antonio Corradini) was a Venetian sculptor who lived in the XVIII century, known unimaginable fine work in marble. He created a beautiful female figure, veiled, still the imagination of its realism.


Adam Marinakis (Adam Martinakis) creates digital sculpture, admired for the depth of the topics covered and extraordinary performance. Adam "speaks" with his fans with the help of metaphorical images. Women in his works seem to be the most fragile and vulnerable.

Bonus: the "Ghost girl»

"Ghost girl" is the work of British sculptor Kevin Francis gray (Kevin Francis Gray) causes many mixed feelings. The girl's face covered with a veil of crystals, which symbolizes her reluctance to accept reality.

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