Savigny, Maurizio: sculpture made from chewing gum

Modern critics argue that the real art of the 21st century is the art of originality. Many artists and sculptors make masterpieces in a very unusual manner. For example, sculptures made of trash bags or pictures of debris. Here and Italian painter and sculptor, Maurizio Savigny (Maurizio Savini), who decided not to lag behind tendencies of our century makes sculptures out of chewing gum.


Says the sculptor himself, he took the chewing gum material for his masterpieces because of the fact that it is very convenient to use, and because it is quite unusual.

The hallmark of his work, in addition to the material, is that they are all made in natural size and modified so that it is not inferior to the prototype. And therefore it is not strange that all of Europe admires his work. The exhibition of the sculptor was in Berlin, London, Rome and other European cities. Many of his works were even sold at auction for a decent amount — USD 60 000.


Well, at the end of the video where the master himself will talk about the technology of making sculptures and their masterpieces.

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