How to remove chewing gum from various surfaces?

When chewing gum sticks to clothes and hair, it is always a nightmare. But no need to cut clothes into pieces and trim the hair, there are a few very simple and effective homemade way to deal with this problem.

Tips that will help to remove chewing gum from clothing Use an iron. This is a great way that will help to remove gum without causing any harm to tissue. Carefully inspect the thing: you have some of the gum in only one place or in several? Turn on the iron and while it heats, put it on the contaminated place cardboard or heavy paper. Turn the thing so that the cardboard was at the bottom. Iron as usual, holding the iron in place pollution for a few seconds. Sometimes this operation must be repeated several times. As a result, the gum will attach to the cardboard, and you'll have clean and ironed clothes.

Help liquid soap. With it, you can remove chewing gum from any fabric, just wash clothes. Apply soap on the problem area and thoroughly RUB the brush until the soap particles will not penetrate inside the gum. Using a plastic or wooden spoon to gently take away the gum so you don't accidentally tear clothes. If the first attempt to remove chewing gum completely failed, add a little more soap and repeat the operation with a brush. This time can leave the soap for a few minutes.

Try to use acetone. The same liquid that we use for removing varnish from nails, perfectly cope with strong dirt on the clothes. It should be borne in mind that in large quantities atsenton can discolor the fabric. Pour some acetone in a container, soak in it a toothbrush and gently scrub the problem area so as not to damage the fabric. You can help yourself with a dull knife or spatula. After that wash the thing normally.

Use the ice. This is one of the most common, economical and effective means of removing chewing gum. The cold from the ice cube allows you to quickly get rid of sticky gum. Put the clothes in the plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Make sure the package is not concerned directly with the gum, otherwise it can get stuck and difficult to remove. Wait a few hours until the gum hardens, pull the garment bag, take a plastic or wooden spatula and remove the gum. Another way is to roll the ice cube directly on the problematic place until the gum is not removed. It is important to do this so that the surface is not wet, dry cold quickly and effectively removes gum tissue.

How to remove chewing gum from different surfaces of Wood. Cool the surface below the gum easier to remove, but not kill her. It is best to wrap ice cube in cloth and apply to the gum. Then gently Corabi remains flat tool such as a spatula. The remaining traces can be cleaned with soapy water. If the wood is treated with a varnish, dissolve in the ammonia water and wipe their surface, after the well to dry to avoid spots and streaks.

Marble or other stone. Here the cold is also effective. Well cool gum after schisty with a spatula, spoon or knife. Remains remove water, gasoline, soap or any detergent.

Wall. If the cover is not washable, try to remove the gum with heat – just heat it with a Hairdryer using a blotting paper. If the wall can be washed, cool gum with a piece of ice, and then gently separate it from the wall. Rinse the wall with a soap solution.

Carpet. An ice cube will help to quickly remove chewing gum from carpet. Remove the residues with cotton cloth moistened with white spirit. This method can be used to remove chewing gum from fabrics.

Earthenware, glass or porcelain. Boil the utensils in a pot with plenty of water until tender gums. Wash as usual and remove the remains of gum with alcohol.

Iron. Freeze the gum with ice and remove with a knife or spatula. Or, on the contrary, heat it with a hair dryer and remove with the same tools. Remove residues with warm water and soap, rinse with water and dry it with absorbent paper.

How to remove chewing gum from hair? A few options:

Vegetable oil. Brush a strand of rubber band stuck with a lot of butter and brush gradually vicesima the remains of gum.

Alcohol. Blot with a cotton pad in alcohol, press it against the gum until it dissolves. Keep in mind that this method is very dry strands. Then take a shower and use the conditioner.published


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